AI Startup Launches a New Airdrop to Expand its Reach to a Larger Trading Community

Jan 8, 2019 · 2 min read

AiBB announces it will distribute six allocations of tokens (40.8% of AiBB tokens) within different blockchain protocols. This will achieve broader exposure and reach for protocol-loyalist communities and facilitate greater participation.

With this move, AiBB is effectively cancelling its public sale. The switch came because the airdrop has the potential to attract and involve more authentic user participation on the AiBB platform. Details are coming soon on our social channels about how to participate.

Our private fundraising efforts are ongoing and open to investors committed to our long-term goal — the advanced use of AI advisor that go beyond bot capabilities in order to serve crypto investors.

We choose the specific six blockchain protocols because we believe in their vision and direction; we will be utilizing various components of their blockchain tech within our own modules. Additionally, our pipeline also contains a cross-platform asset transfer protocol and this will be setting the base to future development.

“We want to reward traders because that’s ultimately our user-base,” said CEO and founder Kelghe D’Cruz. “This is the community we serve and we want them actively involved in our product from the beginning. We wanted to reach them on all the platforms they already use.”

In a poor cryptocurrency market, brand awareness and community-backing means high product use and ultimately traction. Because many crypto products are pre-launch, however, user participation has been a secondary concern for many companies, often ignored until after public sales. But initial coin offerings (ICOs) have changed. With plunging Bitcoin prices and skepticism over fraudulent offerings in 2018, legitimate startups are turning successfully to their core communities in the original spirit of crowdfunding.

The approach involves early adopters in product decisions and increases long-term use of AiBB across the user lifecycle.

Airdropping coins in a deflated market on multiple protocols also gives users the chance to participate without leaving the platform of their choice. Each of AiBB’s sub-tokens corresponds to a different protocol.

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AiBB’s Subtoken distribution

The Airdrop will take place in 2 phases. Phase 1 is split up into 3 launch stages: ETH, XLM and EOS. Phase 2 will encompass NEO, Waves and Syscoin.

Holders of these sub-tokens can redeem them for AiBB tokens when they are released. This will help consolidate a community of dedicated users for AiBB tokens. Users will be able to trade on any exchange listing AiBB sub-tokens. With communities increasingly distributed, AiBB found it supported six different follower communities who rarely joined forces.

The AiBB platform is an Ai advisor that gives the power of actionable analytics to crypto traders, using machine learning to increase awareness of market conditions and protect traders’ investments in the most turbulent of markets.

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