Buratino Blockchain Solutions + LeadRex Corporation!

Dear community! We are glad to inform you, that Buratino Blockchain Solutions has signed a cooperation agreement with LeadRex Corporation! We believe that our partnership is an important step for the Buratino BS.

About Buratino Blockchain Solutions Buratino BlockChain Solutions holding includes companies that develop and produce solutions for working with blockchain. The team has experience in developing sophisticated electronics, running a business and creating a long-term business concept that leads to the intended goal. Now, Buratino BS produces the unique mining machine — PapaCarlo. It is unique because it is the first upgradable miner in the world. Buratino BS has its token BUR. You can follow the link below to read more information about: 👉 buratino.io 👈

About LeadRex LeadRex is an innovative decentralized SaaS platform for advertising campaigns based on artificial intelligence, using blockchain technologies and smart contracts. Our platform solves many problems in the field of advertising and removes the barrier between the owner of the business and the potential client. Everyone will be able to launch an advertising campaign of the product without the need for cooperation with the marketing agency through a central control panel, analytics and ROI of automated control system. LeadRex has its own token — LDXT. For more information, please visit 👉 leadrex.io 👈

Every step we do is the step for our future, for our project. So, we are trying to sign a cooperation agreement only with the best and the forward looking companies. We are grateful for your support and thanks to all of you. Follow us to be informed. Don’t miss the main thing!


🙋‍♂️ Alexey Permyakov |CEO| Buratino BlockChain Solutions (t.me/AlexTrezor)

🙋‍♂️Alexander Evdokimov |CMO| Buratino BlockChain Solutions (t.me/SashaEx)

🙋‍♂️Evgeniy Svetlakov |Support| Buratino BlockChain Solutions (t.me/akan3t)

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