Mining revolution with Buratino Blockchain Solutions

Nowadays the crypto aquisition in Africa is a premium. The high arbitrage is prevalent with limited choice of high liquidity bitcoin exchanges. Also there is a strong exchange control and limited access to the international bank accounts. That’s why the local price of bitcoin across the whole continent can trade up to the 35% premium to the global dollar average.

So, this causes more interest in mining. Therefore Buratino Blockchain Solutions is going to attract as much as possible people to the mining and to start the mining revolution in Africa. The 2019 year must be the year of rapid development of blockchain technology in the area of countries such Kenya and Tanzania.

Buratino Blockchain Solutions provides the unique mining machine, because it is the best and the first upgradable miner in the world. It calls Papa Carlo. Only advanced technologies are applied to product such multi-miner. This one has much more advantages. The water cooling, the opportunity to mine many cryptocurrencies, the possibility of updating individually. There is no such miners in the world.

The multi-miner Papa Carlo is available for everyone, who wants to mine. It isn’t so expensive. That’s why Buratino Blockchain Solutions gives an opportunity to mine at home.


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