PapaCarlo — is the first upgradable miner!

I bet you have dreamed that you could easily upgrade your miner! But, it was always not easy and very problematic. PapaCarlo multi-miner — is a revolution in cryptocurrency mining, that is built on the basis of a highly productive and energy-efficient chip with on 7nm process node. Soon, it will be available at retail for everyone.

Multi-miner PapaCarlo solves several important problems in the field of cryptocurrency mining:

  • Low maintainability. The damage of the one of the chips is a common problem that occurs during regular work of the miner. No more using a soldering iron to dismantle damaged chip! Thanks to BuratinoBS, these days are gone! The only things you should do is to order the necessary components and to replace the damaged chip or chip board. It is much cheaper than buying a new miner, and the most important thing that the total hashrate will not be reduced.
  • Total lack of possibility of a partial upgrade. Experienced minermen should like the possibility of modernizing PapaCarlo. Hashrate of cryptocurrency has grown and now you do not have enough computing power to get a good income? Now is not a problem at all! There is no need to purchase a new miner. PapaCarlo has a modular system and the ability to upgrade equipment. It is enough to purchase a new board with 10 to 70 installed chips in the company’s marketplace. The multi-miner will work the same way with the updated chip boards, which greatly increases its functionality and, not least, reduces the payback period.

In addition, the purchasing of the multi-miner PapaCarlo is a sound investment with a short payback period. And the possibility of permanent upgrading solves a number of problems that occurred with conventional mining machines. So, no matter what cryptocurrency you would like to mine, PapaCarlo is the best and the ONLY ONE in the world miner that you can upgrade how you want with no problems.

Stay tuned to be informed!

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