The advantage of water cooling of multi-miner Papa Carlo

BuratinoBS products are developed using the latest technologies. It is about the revolutionary multi-miner Papa Carlo that equipped with advanced cooling system that uses liquid. This product is ideal for those, who know the price of money spent for cooling the room for mining.
 Nowadays, several types of cooling are used to cool the miner:
 1. Ventilated area — the miner is located in a room that is provided with an inflow of cold air and the possibility of airing. Additionally installed equipment to maintain the desired temperature (air conditioning) and the exhaust system of heated air.
 2. Air cooling system — installed on all existing miners. These are morally outdated systems consisting of radiators, coolers, heat pipes, etc.
 3. Immersion cooling equipment — cooling cabinets and a special liquid with a low boiling point, where the putted in.
 The miner Papa Carlo solves the problem of cooling equipment, reduces the threshold for entering the sphere of cryptocurrency mining, and brings the profitability of mining to a new level! We use the cooling system similar to immersion, which provides similar characteristics at low cost, without requiring frequent maintenance and special requirements for equipment placement.
 Our liquid cooling system is virtually silent. As a working unit acts pump, that is setted next to the radiator-heat exchanger.
 Thanks to its structural features, our equipment can be installed in almost any room, reducing the additional cost of ventilation. You can start mining cryptocurrency even in your own house.


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