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Tabby Rewards

If you’ve ever tried to send Tokens to more than a handful of users at once, you already know the pain. First you have to collect the address of each user. Then you manually make a Blockchain transaction to send Tokens to each user. This is both time consuming and costly, as you’ll pay gas for every transaction. It also carries a risk of irreversible mistakes.

🔗 Tabby Rewards is live now.

Letter to the BlockCAT Community, from Eric Huang, BlockCAT CEO

The crypto community has been enduring a long winter. Bitcoin is -75% from all time high. Ether is -85% from all time high. Most altcoins and tokens are experiencing similar markets. While the price of crypto doesn’t impact blockchain usability, it does put many crypto users into hibernation.

CryptoKitties was one of the hottest DApps at the close of 2017, peaking at 15,000 concurrent users, but has now fallen to a mere 400 current users today. On DappRadar, 85% of DApps receive less than 10 daily users. This speaks volumes about the overall adoption of smart contracts today.

At BlockCAT…

Testing Rewards

Photo by Pexel from Pixels.

Testing Rewards — Part 2

I want to write a big thank you to those of you who reached out after the last community update.

We have received a small amount of highly engaged interest, but we are still eagerly looking for testing partners who specifically are engaged in operating marketing projects — whether that’s Facebook advertising, forum or email distributions, landing page testing or coupon codes and experimentation.

Testing Rewards

After some exploration with our local partners, we’re ready to start seeking further testers for the Rewards platform — but we’re not looking for just anyone: read on if you are interested in helping us get the product in hands of real users.

We had deferred further development on the platform (in favor of the token tool — the integration of which is likely a big piece of the Rewards platform usage for nontechnical users) until a round of actual users had gone end-to-end through the product, unguided, and provided their insights.

Security & Trust

The start to 2019 has been an interesting time in the world of cryptocurrency. There has been issues with exchanges being hacked and shut down which resulted in the loss of millions of dollars worth of crypto. There are still “scams” being promoted on social media sites promising to double returns on crypto.

What can we learn from this? Well, clearly some of these issues are security related. Whether it is flawed code or poor business decision making, users have not always been protected. Security should be in the forefront when developing and managing Ethereum DApps. Business leaders and developers…

This week, work on the ERC creator continues with design and implementation phases both fully specified and progress is moving at a pace we are happy with.

There was some speculation 😂 in Discord that there was no team… or something. To satisfy the curiosity, we posted some current pictures of the office — on a snowy day here in Canada.


As many of you may have heard, Cryptopia experienced a significant compromise on January 14th.

Our efforts to collect information on what is going on at Cryptopia have been largely stonewalled by the investigation at the moment. We currently are attempting to understand — with specific evidence — the probability that stolen property will be recovered and estimate a timeline or probability of the exchange returning to functional.

At the same time, we’re monitoring how other groups impacted by the attack intend to respond. We have a number of very distinct possible responses in front of us but are not…

We are back and ready to go 💪

Return from Holidays

We’re back to work after the holiday season. We spent the first week back cleaning and reviewing our planning infrastructure with fresh eyes. This was productive and we believe tightened up some forward looking timelines considerably without materially giving up functionality. Everyone is fresh and excited for 2019.

What does “smart contracts for everyone” mean?

We’ve been hearing a lot of discussion that is already aligned with our plan — questions like whether we’ll make it through the current “crypto winter” and how we’re addressing the uncertainty about future demand for crypto products. I just wanted to take a quick opportunity to highlight how we’re thinking about these issues and make sure our communication is clear.

We look for community feedback as we wrap up Tabby Rewards.

Tabby Rewards — Feedback Wanted 📣

We want your feedback! Before we get to that, let’s recap the main features of Tabby Rewards.

Tabby Rewards allows teams to distribute tokens quickly and easily via unique, redeemable URL codes — without requiring a list of wallet addresses beforehand.

Our goal is to provide teams with a simple and easy-to-use tool to promote their project and incentivize users.

One of the biggest benefits of Tabby Rewards is the ability to mass distribute your tokens in unique and exciting ways. Similar to coupon codes, there are dozens of effective ways to incentivize users. A couple of suggestions include:

  • Email…


BlockCAT lets anyone create, manage, and deploy smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain — no programming required.

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