Letter to the BlockCAT Community, from Eric Huang, BlockCAT CEO

The crypto community has been enduring a long winter. Bitcoin is -75% from all time high. Ether is -85% from all time high. Most altcoins and tokens are experiencing similar markets. While the price of crypto doesn’t impact blockchain usability, it does put many crypto users into hibernation.

CryptoKitties was…

We are back and ready to go 💪

Return from Holidays

We’re back to work after the holiday season. We spent the first week back cleaning and reviewing our planning infrastructure with fresh eyes. This was productive and we believe tightened up some forward looking timelines considerably without materially giving up functionality. Everyone is fresh and excited for 2019.

We look for community feedback as we wrap up Tabby Rewards.

Tabby Rewards — Feedback Wanted 📣

We want your feedback! Before we get to that, let’s recap the main features of Tabby Rewards.

Tabby Rewards allows teams to distribute tokens quickly and easily via unique, redeemable URL codes — without requiring a list of wallet addresses beforehand.

Our goal is to provide teams with a simple…


BlockCAT lets anyone create, manage, and deploy smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain — no programming required. http://blockcat.io

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