Create Token codes that anyone can claim.

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Tabby Rewards

If you’ve ever tried to send Tokens to more than a handful of users at once, you already know the pain. First you have to collect the address of each user. Then you manually make a Blockchain transaction to send Tokens to each user. This is both time consuming and costly, as you’ll pay gas for every transaction. It also carries a risk of irreversible mistakes.

🔗 Tabby Rewards is live now.

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So many new possibilities

Tabby Rewards solves these problems by uniquely offering Token redemption through a simple URL, allowing you to mass send Tokens without knowing the receiving addresses. …

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Letter to the BlockCAT Community, from Eric Huang, BlockCAT CEO

The crypto community has been enduring a long winter. Bitcoin is -75% from all time high. Ether is -85% from all time high. Most altcoins and tokens are experiencing similar markets. While the price of crypto doesn’t impact blockchain usability, it does put many crypto users into hibernation.

CryptoKitties was one of the hottest DApps at the close of 2017, peaking at 15,000 concurrent users, but has now fallen to a mere 400 current users today. On DappRadar, 85% of DApps receive less than 10 daily users. This speaks volumes about the overall adoption of smart contracts today.

At BlockCAT, we’ve always believed smart contracts will become an integral part of the future of financial applications. For this future to happen, we need to remain focused on building core technology that allows Blockchain to scale and become vastly more accessible. This has been part of our vision from the very start, and remains a key part of every decision about the work we do each day. …

Testing Rewards

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Photo by Pexel from Pixels.

Testing Rewards — Part 2

I want to write a big thank you to those of you who reached out after the last community update.

We have received a small amount of highly engaged interest, but we are still eagerly looking for testing partners who specifically are engaged in operating marketing projects — whether that’s Facebook advertising, forum or email distributions, landing page testing or coupon codes and experimentation.

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Photo by Rodolfo Clix from Pexels

The feedback so far has been positive, though with some pretty significant sticking points in terms of nontechnical user experience challenges. Like with Pay, we’ve done a lot of design work of mitigating confusion related to many of the details — but in this case, some of the details are considerably more complex. …



BlockCAT lets anyone create, manage, and deploy smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain — no programming required. http://blockcat.io

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