BlockCAT Alpha v0.1.0— Live

What’s BlockCAT?
We’re developing a visual interface for smart contracts. This will allow anybody to use Ethereum smart contracts without needing to write code. Learn more on our website

What’s in the Alpha
We have two contracts live:

Security Deposit: Receive and hold deposits for equipment rentals or lease agreements.

Hodl: Lock up Ether until a specified date.

We’ve wrote more details about these contracts here

Where do I find the alpha?

Great, sign me up.
No need to sign up, the alpha is public. You just need a MetaMask account and some CAT tokens. More web3 clients will be supported in the future.

Where do I get CAT?
Our token sale ends Aug 16th, so until then you can purchase CAT on our website. Once the sale is over you’ll find us on some popular exchanges.

I’ve got some feedback/found a bug
Great! We’d love to hear from you. You can email us: or visit our discord channel