Watch out, there’s a new CAT on the Blockchain

It’s been a phenomenal day. Our team has been running on very little sleep for the weeks leading towards the sale. We’ve been through an entire spectrum of emotions from anxiety to euphoria. Now we’re officially able to announce that BlockCAT will become a reality.

We hit our minimum cap in 30 minutes, shattering all of our expectations. We can now disclose our hidden minimum cap (for core product as described in whitepaper) was $400,000 USD. The sale will continue until either the hard cap is hit, or the end block is reached (approximately 30 days).

Min cap trigger transaction
ETH balance at time of trigger: ~2,393 ETH

We’re more excited than ever to get BlockCAT into everyone’s hands as soon as possible, and we’re going to keep you updated along the way. This week we’ll be taking with our legal and business advisors to ensure we have the smoothest runway to the core release. We’ll also continue working towards our alpha release on the live network, which we anticipate will be ready to deploy soon.

As we believe transparency with the community is very important, we’d like to notify people to expect some fiat withdrawals to pay for the day-to-day operation of the company. We’re aware there’s been concern recently about companies dumping most of their Ether shortly after their sales, and we want to assure people that we’re in crypto long term. Most of our team have been involved in crypto for a long time, and we see Ethereum as the future foundation of our economy.

So with that, we’re making public our Ether storage address (if you didn’t find it already!). For added security, we’re moving Ether from the contract address to here on a regular basis.

That’s everything for now. Thank you everyone for believing in the vision of BlockCAT, we’ve put our hearts and souls into this project and it mean so much to know you’re with us.