‘It’s Plug and Play Simple’ to Join BlockCDN’s Sharing Economy

How much do use your internet connection? If you are like me then you might send a few emails, Skype some relatives and watch a bit of catch up TV. You certainly don’t notice that you are only using a fraction of the bandwidth that you pay for — and the rest is routinely going to waste. But think about this: you wouldn’t normally buy a packet of biscuits, eat two and throw the rest away— no, you share them around so why should bandwidth be any different?

Now, what if you could take that unused bandwidth each day and put it to work? What if you could earn yourself a supplementary income from it without do anything beyond pressing start? That is exactly what the software does that BlockCDN have built and which was released ahead of their ICO launch last week. BlockCDN’s software has been designed to use your excess bandwidth and to pay you digital currency in return. They call it mining.

BlockCDN forum member Bodhicoin has been trialling BlockCDNs miner this week alongside a rapidly growing community of miners and he gave the following impromptu feedback in the forum:

The mining software was plug and play simple or, just click and go play. Whether I cared to understand or not, I was not just mining tokens of crypto. I was being compensated to load a simple piece of software that will collect and reallocate my surplus bandwidth. No algorithm, video card benching, cooling fans, gpu, cpu…just basic gear and basic knowledge. If the intent was to package the tech in a simple, end-user friendly way, this team nailed it. Deceptively simple from our point of view.
I started mining for the beta test 3 days ago and its pretty amazing. It’s not the hash intensive mining we’ve become accustomed with on every mining endeavour since BTC. This mining software essentially turns your surplus bandwidth into a commodity. Very light on resources. And, now the Android TV version rolling out we’ll have the visual component of a GUI.
It should be an exciting year.
Youku to be the first to trial the new system

Behind the scenes the BlockCDN team pool your bandwidth and make it available to others — typically content providers on the internet, such as Youku the Chinese version of Youtube who will be first in line to trial the system early next year. There is a demand for CDN services anywhere that resource intensive websites exist. The likes of Youtube or the BBC, Google or Apple, all need good data transmission, speed and stability to continue to operate and that is what BlockCDN will be able to provide by pooling everyone’s spare bandwidth.

BlockCDN’s crowdsourced business model is a fairer system too. For those seeking a demonstration of blockchain efficiency — many large, top-down corporations currently dominate the CDN industry but BlockCDN will be able to provide a cheaper equivalent and still pass 95% of payment on its the miners. BlockCDN follows the spirit of the sharing economy — redistributing wealth to the people and disrupting the traditional ‘winner takes all’ approach.

The BlockCDN project is not just an idea — it is real and ready to go and is happening now. We invite you to join us on this journey. Our ICO is 
open now and on top of our early bird bonus scheme ICO participants will also share in 40% of our profits for 3 years.

Learn more about our project here: www.blockcdn.org
Ask questions here: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=1611265.0
Join our Slack channel here: https://bcdn.herokuapp.com/