After OpenSea bug, BlockGame’s DICE NFT remint is ready to roll!

3 min readSep 26


On Tuesday, September 26, 2023, 16:00 (UTC), eligible BlockGames community members can mint again


Following a tumultuous day in which, due to a bug on the world’s leading NFT marketplace, Opensea, BlockGames’ highly anticipated DICE MINT failed to mint properly. For this reason, the world’s first Player Network, powered by Web3, has created a new smart contract and is ready for participants to remint this Tuesday, September 26 at 16:00 UTC.

Ahead of the event, all eligible community members negatively impacted by the bug have been reimbursed, with funds sent back to their wallets.

Head of growth at BlockGames, Laurynas Šlikas, said, “On Friday, when the bug emerged, we felt terrible for our loyal community. There’d been a lot of build-up to the mint, but then, at the point of launch, the system failure allowed people to mint multiple tokens to a single wallet. What should have been a fair, tiered minting process over a few hours, was minted out in just a few minutes.

He added, “Because of this, we’re having to start the mint again to ensure it happens in an equitable and timely manner. Importantly, ahead of this, we’ve already made good on our pledge to refund all of the affected community members who had operated within the rules.”

On Friday, following the shock discovery that the mint was broken due to an OpenSea coding error, BlockGames’ founder and CEO, Benas Baltramiejunas, quickly came out to issue a public apology, via a Twitter AMA. Opensea also came forward to issue its own explanation of events:

Laurynas added, “To honor the authentic people in our community, today’s remint will be conducted in a fair and transparent way, with bugs squashed. Wallets that acted in bad faith last time cannot take part.”

Surprisingly, when the dust came to settle within the BlockGames’ Discord community, a chink of light appeared.

Head of BlockGame’s Discord community, Jonas Pleckaitis said “There was a lot of disappointment when the mint failed, and the community was naturally aggrieved. This was evident from the comments being made in our general channel. But after Benas’ announcement, the sentiment turned and everybody became far more supportive.

He added, “As soon as they realized it wasn’t our fault and that we were bending over backward to put things right, we started to feel the love again. Our community is both resilient and supportive, and they know BlockGames is a serious player in the mobile gaming space and is here to stay.

“The silver lining in all of this is that the mood in the community and the team is now more bullish than ever. The member numbers are as solid as they were before, and the community is still lively and active. Above all, everyone is positive about BlockGames and its future as a leading platform for mobile games seeking player growth, and players looking for great games and real rewards.”

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