BlockProof Tech LLC works with DAO.Casino to demonstrate how Game Channels will increase the speed of DApps

Having been asked by blockchain experts DAO.Casino to prove that there are ways of increasing transaction speed within game channels, we are pleased to announce our findings. Read the full research here.

The research set-up

DAO.Casino are building a decentralized protocol for gambling on Ethereum blockchain that ensures the automation of transactions and facilitates interaction between all those involved. As this doesn’t just include players, but also involves casino operators, game developers and affiliates, a faster system that is also secure and flexible is vital.

Along with Alexander Davydov from the Research Department at DAO.Casino, Alisa Chernyaeva and Ilya Shirobokov headed up a BlockProof Tech LLC research team. Aware of how vital the speed of transaction was in their industry, they were looking for a quicker technology that allows launching blockchain-based single player P2P games without fees for additional transactions. It was just as important for a system that allows zero delays between moves or rounds.

There were a few extra requirements. It had to cater for a two-party game, so the scenario of a casino versus a player. It also needed to work for any game that requires the PRNG tool to function. And for payment to be easily obtained and simple to trace back.

Studies carried out

Having looked into the industry, it was already known by the team that state channels solve the problem of scalability while increasing the blockchain’s speed and efficiency. That’s why they were used as a foundation to build around the needs of the gambling market. Each aspect of the research relied on the aspect of trust and finality within these channels, with other factors such as Provably fair random number generation support and instant verification of randomly generated numbers.

It needed to cover a player against a casino, the possibility of a random number generation and the likely probability of a winner after each round. That’s why the safety and liveness were always a constant. That allowed Griefing to take place, which is the ability of a participant to deviate from the protocol in order to disrupt participant interaction without directly violating the security of the protocol. Signidice is a protocol that allows pseudorandom number generation by two parties. Various studies took place concentrating on different parts f the channel, including the State Channels of Unused, Open, Close and Dispute.

The research set-up

Alexander Davydov from the Research Department at DAO.Casino worked alongside Alisa Chernyaeva and Ilya Shirobokov of BlockProof Tech LLC research team.

“This paper describes “Game Channels”, a novel approach that applies blockchain technology to the gambling industry. It is well known that blockchain technology has issues with scalability, as well as transaction times. The longer a blockchain becomes, the more problematic these issues can become. In the worst case a distinctly user-unfriendly experience results. Many approaches have been tried to mitigate these issues; one of the most promising approaches is that of “state channels”. This paper describes a modified form of state channels that they refer to as “Game Channels”. The primary application is to gambling with two participants (dealer/player and player/player).”

“The paper describes the algorithms used from a transaction-based approach, in which each game action is associated with an exchange of data, which may be thought of as a message. Great care is taken in rigorous defining these data exchanges, which of course are based on strong cryptographic primitives. The paper also presents a dispute resolution mechanism that can be used to mitigate certain common forms of cheating.

The exposition is thorough and lucid. All currently known algorithms that are thought to be “unbreakable” have undergone years of cryptanalysis, simulation and red-teaming, so more work needs to be done, but this reviewer’s initial impression is that this approach shows significant promise.”

Mark Reynolds, a Research Scientist from Boston University and a graduated MIT Ph.D. in Computer Science.


That’s how Game Channels were created, with an enabled Signidice PRNG that uses unique digital signatures. There is also a dispute resolution mechanism. The potential use of Game Channels technology is not only for casino games. Some types of online gaming may also be able to use it.

Having carried numerous tests, we have proven that Game Channels can be run on top of existing blockchains. As a result, the interaction speed between DApps players can be faster than the current Ethereum time of every 15 seconds without losing on the security or flexibility factors.

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