Cyborgs for Christmas!

Dec 24, 2018 · 9 min read


Merry Christmas Fellow Punks!

In April we launched the world’s first anime crypto collectibles with 2017’s fan favourite Zunda Horizon. Creators and fans loved it. Now we’re back with a new and improved site built with your feedback and exciting creator partnerships!

With BlockPunk, any anime creator can turn their character designs into collectible art. The authenticity of the art and your ownership is recorded on the blockchain which means its yours FOREVER (think Ajin: indestructible!) regardless of what happens to us or the creator. Buying the collectible supports the creator, and you can also trade your character at our marketplace. We also have many other exciting functions in the pipeline, including stories, games and physical prints.

This is all part of our “top secret” plan to build the world’s first fan-driven anime studio — powered by Peer-to-Peer technology!

Soooo on to the goodies. We’ve made Crypto Santa come early for you with a huge holiday DROP!

Add these to your collection before anyone else!!

Ishimori Pro | 石森プロ

Cyborg 009

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Humans transformed into cyborg weapons by a nasty centralized organisation — no, not Facebook, but only classic superheroes created by Shotaro Ishinomori (the same sensei behind Kamen Rider and the Super Sentai series that spawned Power Rangers!) We’ve worked with Ishimori Pro to bring you 2 classic artworks featuring 009 Joe and 003 Francoise. There’s a special place in Julian’s heart for Cyborg009 because it was one of the first series to join Netflix Japan’s anime stable in 2015.




Rachtalin | ラシャタ・リン

Claire Character Sheet

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One of Southeast Asia’s top Doujin artists, Rachta Lin brings her signature style to original works! From her repertoire comes two beauties with distinct personalities. These illustrations were made with good ol’ fashioned felt markers — kinda like the ones you used for your teenage diary ;)



Choi Minhyuk

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Don’t let her name fool you; this talented anime illustrator packs a huge punch. DrawVeryLittle’s latest originals feature a fictional Korean-Japanese boy band, NRK, that is founding their own independent idol agency. (Kinda decentralised, don’t you think?) Get up close with the boys of NRK Entertainment: TJ, Daiki, Quincy, and as pictured here, Zig!


Zunda Horizon | ずんだワールドパートナーズ

Tohoku Zunko With Handbag
東北ずん子 とハンドバッグ

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Last but not least we have more classic illustrations from Tohoku Zunko and friends. These Voiceroid girls represent different regions from Japan and are totally savvy about their region’s produce (like Zunko is with edamame beans!) Enjoy viewing these characters in different outfits, as well as exclusive behind-the-scenes art from their anime film Zunda Horizon.

As before, part of our revenue for Tohoku Zunko artwork go straight to charities rebuilding the Tohoku region that was affected by the tsunami in 2011.


Wishing you and yours a wonderful holiday season — we will see you in the New Year for the January DROP!

Peace xxx

The BlockPunks



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