The Day before Demo Day

Jul 16, 2018 · 2 min read

“My interest in life comes from setting myself huge, apparently unachievable challenges and trying to rise above them.” Richard Branson

6 months ago I flew to Singapore from Tokyo and met my co-founder Jatin for the first time. Tomorrow we are pitching our seed round on stage at the Google HQ in Singapore in front of hundreds of VCs and investors.


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Colour-coordinated bins can only mean 1 thing: Google HQ! ゴミ箱もグーグル色、すごい!
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Pre-game walkthrough 本番前の準備

Along the way we focused on building our platform, testing, listening to fans and partners and iterating. From our first launch and then to our rebranded we have learnt and grown.


Our mission is to bring the benefits of decentralization to creators worldwide, starting with anime and we are just getting started. This really is like the Internet in 1995.


I want to thank Paul for getting the product in shape, EB for all the front-end work.


Thanks to Justin our local anime expert. Thanks to our content partners and team in Japan, Zunda Horizon (especially Takeuchi-san and Oda-san), DLE (especially Shiiki-san, Kawashima-san, Kamiya-san) Ueki-san for his constant support, Nishi-san and Imai-san. Thanks to Professor Prabhakaran. Thanks of course to my co-founder Jatin. Thank you also to the amazing crew at Entrepreneur First for getting us this far.


I hope you’ll join me on stage tomorrow at…

(event will be livestreamed Tuesday 7/17/2018 @3pm+ Singapore time)


…and join us on our journey!


Thanks, Julian ジュリアン

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