Introducing Cube Spawn Maker

Makerverse is collaborating with Cube Spawn to release the first stage of the Makerverse vision: Cube Spawn Maker.

Cube Spawn is mass manufacturing mass manufacture: turning autonomous production lines into a series of modular cubes, each performing a specific operation and guaranteed to synchronise with each other, reducing the capital cost of manufacturing lines by over 90%.

Cube Spawn Engineering 3D CAD Image

The Cube Spawn concept offers a very easy first foray into robotic engineering design for gamers. By arranging cubes, like Legos, users create unique robotic engineering designs with no understanding of complex subjects: like Deep Learning or Kinematics.

The aim of Cube Spawn Maker will be for users to solve puzzles, in a similar fashion to Zachtronics titles such as Exapunks, Opus Magnum or Infinifactory. Users must create a working production line from a selection of available cubes that creates a specified product, at a specified rate of production, from a specified raw material, within a specified budget.

Opus Magnum and Exapunks players are currently able to share their solutions and creations using social media and by creating GIFs.

Example Opus Magnum Puzzle Solution created from the in-game GIF creator
Example Exapunks Puzzle Solution created from the in-game GIF creator

As part of the Enjin Platform Early Adopter program, Cube Spawn Maker will take these existing sharing features to the next level, by allowing users to tokenise their puzzle solutions, as well as their own puzzles, on the Ethereum Blockchain and mint these tokens to others players. Users will be able to make money by playing Cube Spawn Maker and it will be free to play, free to download. The platform will be monetised by us via nominal minting fees and trading fees for these tokens.

This would not only be the first representation of tokenised of human ‘proof of work’, but sets the foundation for tokenised engineering intellectual property, an important cornerstone of the full Makerverse vision and Engineering Technology in general.

This economic model is also unique within the current Enjin ecosystem, as we will only be selling ‘Time Crystal Shards’ as a means to raise funding. These shards magnetise solutions and puzzles from the ecosystem for free as long as they remain in the holder’s wallet. After that we will not need to create any tokenised items for sale centrally, all tokens will be created by our players, thus making us the most decentralised Blockchain game currently in development.

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