In previous articles we’ve covered the most popular so-called progressive betting strategies like the martingdale and anti-martingdale.

One best practice for these types of strategies is that you set limits for yourself. For example you might plan to win a certain amount and stop playing when you do.

Note that this best practice is not actually part of the strategies, which in theory work best if you have infinite time and money. Which of course nobody has — in this world as we know it :)

So how about a progressive betting strategy that specifically includes limits?

Enter the Paroli…

We’ve written before about how your biggest wins in any lottery are probably going to be more experiential and than financial.

In other words, have fun dreaming big — and share the experience with others you care about. The power of positive thinking is real, even if we can’t quantify it very well!

One thing about lotteries that you can quantify, however, is the historical results.

Many lottery promoters publish these results. Just remember:

Don’t expect big wins on lottery predictions based on historical stats.

Randomly generated numbers are… random.

Even today’s best Artificial Intelligence algorithms can’t pick up lottery patterns. That’s because there usually aren’t any patterns.

In our opinion…

This summer is HOT at BlockStamp Games!

And it’s about to heat up even more :) Here are three big reasons why:

A lucky player had a big win that is about to get huuuge.

One player using the Off-Chance Windfall lottery strategy won 32,678 BST on a bet of only 1 BST.

But just in case that wasn’t impressive enough…

That amount is going to get DOUBLED soon as part of the Millionaire Madness Double Payout Championship.

If no one wins more than that for the remainder of the 30-day waiting period, this player is going to get another 32,678 BST for whopping total of 65,356 BST for betting only 1 BST.

We’ve started publishing a “leaderboard” of all our top learners at BlockStamp Games!

You can see it here.

The main criterion is simple — how many demo coins they’ve won so far.

But you can also click to see their full betting histories and, most importantly, see what kind of strategic style they seem to be using.

For example, our biggest demo winner so far has a Mad Max style, which means he or she is going big payouts on single bets. Here’s how it looks:

With the internet, access to information is easier and cheaper than ever.

But it isn’t always free — financially or otherwise. And that’s OK. We live in the information economy, after all.

You probably noticed, for example, that sometimes you need to give your email address to get an interesting report or ebook. Or a set of videos someone prepared. Or sign up for a cool prototype web app. Or whathaveyou.

You aren’t paying money for it — but for sure you are becoming a statistic in someone’s marketing machine! …

Here’s an interesting roulette strategy from the pages of Casino Royale that we’ve updated for the world’s first Casino Juste :)

It’s somewhat similar to the two dozen roulette strategy we covered earlier, except you’ll be betting different amounts on different sets of numbers.

Here’s James Bond’s original roulette strategy:

Bond would bet:

  • a higher amount on the high outside (19–36) with 2:1 odds
  • a lower amount the double street of the next six lower numbers (13–18) with 5:1 odds
  • the lowest amount on a straight 0 with 35:1 odds

Assuming that Britain’s favorite secret agent bets only in British…

You’re probably familiar with the Fibonacci sequence, which starts like this:


As you can see, after moving from 0 to 1 it simply involves summing the preceding two numbers in the sequence.

If you know what to look for, you can find this sequence used beautifully in architecture — and phenomenally in nature!

It just so happens that you can also see Fibonacci sequences in betting!

Here’s how a betting strategy based on the Fibonacci sequence looks.

  1. Choose a way to play with 50–50 odds, like on red in No-Zero Roulette at BlockStamp Games.
  2. Pick a unit to start with. Let’s say it will be 5 BST.
  3. If you lose…

We’re pleased to announce that BlockStamp Games players have won more than 1 million BST so far!

That’s more than 1 million USD at current exchange rates! Congratulations to all the winners!

But don’t take our word for it.

You can verify every win on the BlockStamp blockchain.

BlockStamp Games is totally transparent about everything. So if you wanted to, you could go through and verify these numbers for yourself, and see the exact bets that resulted in all these winnings.

OK, that might take you a while.

So there are three slightly more interesting ways to peek underneath the…

The obvious reason most people gamble is to win money.

No surprises there!

But if you think carefully about it, winning isn’t the only way to enjoy gambling.

It also has an important “fringe benefit,” i.e. something that you can enjoy on the side without actually winning:

Looking forward to winning is also a source of gambling fun.

OK, anticipating a win is not as exciting as an actual win.

But let’s face it — there is some excitement in imagining a win. That’s actually what problem gamblers get addicted to, unfortunately!

They don’t always win, obviously. And they keep coming back for more, again and again.

The key to this strategy, therefore, is to enjoy this type of fun RESPONSIBLY in a lottery.

Here’s how to do…

Here’s an interesting, relatively conservative, “slow and steady” betting strategy to try out with No-Zero Roulette at BlockStamp Games!

We call it “slow and steady” because you won’t get big payoffs here. In fact, you can expect to lose! But you’re also expecting to win at the same time — and come out ahead when you do.

With this roulette betting strategy, you’re going to be placing bets on the dozens of numbers, i.e. the first dozen (1–12), the second dozen (13–24), or the third dozen (14–36).

If the ball lands on any number within the dozen you bet on…

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