Introducing the Off-Chance Windfall Lottery Betting Strategy: A Rationally Optimistic Approach to Gambling

BlockStamp Games
Jun 27, 2019 · 3 min read
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The obvious reason most people gamble is to win money.

No surprises there!

But if you think carefully about it, winning isn’t the only way to enjoy gambling.

It also has an important “fringe benefit,” i.e. something that you can enjoy on the side without actually winning:

Looking forward to winning is also a source of gambling fun.

But let’s face it — there is some excitement in imagining a win. That’s actually what problem gamblers get addicted to, unfortunately!

They don’t always win, obviously. And they keep coming back for more, again and again.

The key to this strategy, therefore, is to enjoy this type of fun RESPONSIBLY in a lottery.

  1. Gamble only what you can afford to lose. Realize that your chances of winning are not actually that great at the end of the day. In other words, you are betting on the off chance — i.e. with a small chance — of winning. Knowing that, you should gamble only an amount that will not hurt you financially if you lose.
  2. Gamble with odds that are going to deliver a massive, life-changing amount if you do win. Imagining this windfall is what will make your bet fun!

For example, every week you might bet 4 BST on 6 numbers in the BlockStamp lottery game. If you win, you will get the platform maximum of 1,000,000 BST. That’s over $1 million dollars today.

Maybe do it with friends and family and pick the numbers together. Share a moment together :)

Is it likely that you’ll win it? Nope.

Is it fun to imagine what you would do if you did win? Definitely! And it only cost a few dollars.

Treat lottery gambling like a “little luxury.” Make it fun by going for a big payoff — but don’t overspend on it.

You probably don’t mind spending a bit of money on little luxuries every once in a while, right? These things that probably won’t benefit you other than that you simply enjoy doing them.

Cheesecake for dessert? Netflix? They probably won’t help you do anything else except enjoy life a little! And they might even hurt you if you binge on them :)

So just take the same approach with lottery gambling. A little bit in moderation makes life worth living.

Playing the lottery at BlockStamp Games is your best place to test this strategy.

In any lottery you’re always going to have a slim chance of winning. And you’re always going to be able to imagine winning.

But at BlockStamp Games your chance is a little less slim. There’s no house edge here.

Knowing that can make your bet a little more psychologically pleasing. And that’s what this strategy is all about.

And who knows… you might just change your life with humongous payday. Imagine the possibilities :)

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