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Blockchain holds promises to be the next generation of information technology. Yet we see developers, enterprises, and financial institutions wasting valuable time and money, building from the ground up. Particularly, there are different tools one has to learn and maintain in order to come up to one quick application, i.e. tools for setting up and operating different blockchains, for monitoring the transactions, for testing, and different IDEs coming with their connectors, etc. Managing all those tools often becomes a painful task.

BlockTEST is introducing Greenhouse — an integrated toolbox for blockchain DevOps, an automated middleware development platform as a service, so that you can build audible blockchain applications in a streamlined way and on consistent sets of architectural plumbing principles, knowing you can scale to serve and protect millions of client users. …

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BlockTEST is proud to be a co-host and the technical lead for BUIDLBoston this weekend!

BUIDLBoston is a hackathon planned to wrap up Boston Blockchain Week 2019, providing an opportunity for entrepreneurs, students and professionals from MA to connect, learn, and develop new ways to address problems that will not only impact Boston, but will transform the way in which the global community lives using blockchain and distributed ledger technology. The event will focus on some of the key United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UNSDGs).

In addition, BlockTEST will be providing mentorship hours on both days of the hackathon. As the technical lead for the BUILDBoston during Boston Blockchain Week, BlockTEST welcomes developers who want to seek more advice on the feasibility of their project, have questions about using different developer tools, or want to chat about use case & system design. …

On April 3, 2019, BlockTEST hosted the Boston area’s first official Quorum meetup on the MIT campus. Many thanks to all who came out to chat with us!

On April 16, 2019, the MIT Bitcoin Club hosted BlockTEST and Quorum as guest speakers at their weekly meeting. Many thanks to all who came out to chat with us!

Here are some Q&A from the meetup:

Q: How does Truffle interact with private transactions?

A: Truffle has added support for sending private transactions but sending private transactions in Quorum is almost the exact API as using private transactions in Ethereum, but with the “PrivateFor” field.

Q: What is the reason that Quorum chose their specific encryption mechanisms?

A: No answer, but the project is open source so you can change this if you want. The consensus is implemented to be plug and play, meaning you could switch out some component or create your own! …

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BlockTEST is proud to announce a new release of our Greenhouse smart contract development platform. With Greenhouse we aim to bridge the gap between enterprises looking for blockchain solutions and the developer community who can build those solutions.

We see the next major phase of blockchain adoption coming from enterprises who don’t want to be disrupted by this new wave of innovation. BlockTEST has created Greenhouse to accelerate this next wave, and we are cultivating a developer community to spearhead our push for adoption.

Since blockchain is such a nascent field, developers in the industry span a wide range of expertise. In order to accommodate for this, we have built Greenhouse as a platform for innovation and education around blockchain applications. …

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“And those who only look to the past and present are certain to miss the future.”
-John F. Kennedy

The Question in Mind

At every blockchain conference, from west to east, I hear people discuss this topic on the stage or off: what’s the next killer app in the land of blockchain? what could be the one use-case vastly succeeding in mass adoption? I see this more of a question on confidence.

Why? Because It hints something very deep and yet worrying on the very existential question of the blockchain — is it going to be really useful ? Where? …

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This article was originally published on on December 14th, 2018.

Startup’s Inaugural Competition Promotes Blockchain Adoption through Co-Innovation

After 60 days of friendly virtual competition, BlockTEST announced the close of HealthChainHack, their inaugural competition which saw a crossover between the healthcare industry and blockchain technologies. Judges deliberated over the competition’s submissions, some of which were developed across borders in this online global challenge. The competition saw 240 total participants from 28 countries across the world.

BlockTEST, a startup founded at MIT campus that aims to nurture budding blockchain technologies to mass adoption, created and hosted the two-month-long competition. …

This article was originally published on on November 27th, 2018.

Check out our fourth Startup Bonuses Webinar, featuring BlockTEST’s developer team.

Missed Smart Contracts 101? Check it out here.

Stay tuned for the BlockTEST Education Series

Our webinars will continue with a set of videos focused on educating the blockchain community. Keep up at!

This article was originally published on on October 16th, 2018.

Our second Startup Bonuses Webinar in conjunction with HealthChainHack aired on October 15, 2018, featuring Jed Breed, Senior Manager of Crypto Assets at Circle, who spoke on the best practices that startups and developers should look out for when looking to have tokens listed on an exchange. BlockTEST co-founder Jennifer Jiang introduced Breed by recounting the ongoing progress of HealthChainHack. BlockTEST’s testnet opened for public beta testing last week, and teams getting ready to evaluate their solution prototypes using the technology.

Breed introduced Circle as a finance company with the goal of changing how people create and share value, and his role at Circle, where he leads listing partnerships, prioritization and due diligence for digital assets. He started out in crypto as a miner in early 2013, and was an early evangelist of Ethereum. Before joining Circle, he led growth and partnerships at Grapevine through its acquisition this summer. Prior to that, he was CEO of We The People, a politics app that reached #7 on the list of top free apps in the iTunes app store. …

This article was originally published on on November 1st, 2018.

Our third Startup Bonuses Webinar aired on October 31, 2018, featuring BlockTEST’s developer team, who discussed the basics of blockchain, introduced the purpose of smart contracts, and guided new blockchain developers towards deploying their first smart contract.

BlockTEST developer Justin Littman launched the webinar by introducing the core theory of blockchain by comparing its pros and cons with those of the more traditional centralized and distributed databases.

A centralized database is easy to set up, the data stored is accurate and consistent, and updates to data are immediate. Its problems are single point of failure, bottleneck and trust issues regarding the central authority. A distributed database does not suffer from single point of failure and is more scalable. …



BlockTEST is a home for the blockchain community. From problem to solution — we’ll provide everything you need to grow your blockchain ambitions into reality.

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