BlockVision Live on Optimism to Improve Efficiency Building on Web 3.0

BlockVision is excited to announce its support for Optimism, the low cost and lightning-fast Ethereum L2 blockchain. Now devs building on Optimism can leverage BlockVision’s bespoke developer tooling to enable a faster, smoother and easier user experience.

What Does This Mean for Optimism Developers?

BlockVision is a one-stop development platform and on-chain data retrieval portal for developers that boasts impressively low-latencies and high availability due to its distributed multi-node architecture. Powered by its HTAP engine, BlockVision is able to provide a suite of enhanced FT & NFT APIs, development toolkits, high-performance node services and smart alerts to make your web 3.0 experience streamlined and hassle free.

BlockVision provides four products for developers & investors in the Optimism ecosystem:

1. JSON-RPC Node Service

Empowered by its multi-datacenter deployment, BlockVision provides stable and secure node services with high-availability and lightning fast response times, to help eliminate the frustration and cost of self-hosting nodes, and make building on Optimism simple and hyper-efficient.

Follow this guide and learn how to use BlockVision’s node to interact with Optimism Mainnet and Testnet.

2. Enhanced FT and NFT APIs

BlockVision provides more than 100 enhanced FT & NFT APIs to make building and running dApps on Optimism a breeze, while opening up a whole new world of possibilities for dApp developers. What’s worth noting is that our APIs support the querying of all historical data, not only the current block. Having a strong data indexing team, BlockVision has successfully launched erc20, erc721 and erc1155 AccountPosition APIs on Optimism, this allows users to easily view all items across various DeFi and NFT projects held by a wallet and the corresponding balance at any given time. Without powerful APIs like these, developers would have consumed a huge volume of resources to get historical results.

Explore BlockVision’s wide range of APIs supported on Optimism.

3. Powerful Development Toolkits

BlockVision’s Development Toolkits aim to make your life as a developer exponentially easier. Our Monitor Dashboard, API Stats, Debug Console, Mempool and Webhook are all working together to make building on Optimism faster and easier, so that you can spend less time debugging and more time creating.

Development Toolkits Overview

4. Smart Alerts

BlockVision has an inbuilt alerting system that allows you to track Wallet and NFT data with ease and get notifications in real time directly to your Discord, Telegram, Slack and even to your phone via push notifications from those apps. Developers can set relevant monitoring parameters for their deployed contracts to prevent potential hacking exploits. Traders can monitor the transaction information of target addresses to formulate their own market data, improve trading strategies and hedge their positions accordingly.

Learn more on BlockVision’s Smart Alert.

What’s Next?

BlockVision proudly becomes the most complete developer service provider in the Optimism ecosystem, with features including enhanced FT & NFT APIs, API monitoring, API Analytics, Webhook and Debugging Console. But our vision is far beyond that. We strive to build a data cloud that supports sharding data storage and distributed computing, to allow users to query massive sets of live data across multiple chains and run complex jobs for data storage and analysis, and even construct their own data warehouses and customised APIs in the future. BlockVision has already achieved the Snapshot Analytics APIs on Optimism mainnet, and will continue to introduce more developer tools and data products to provide you a seamless Web 3.0 experience.

“The Ethereum developer stack is constantly evolving and improving. One of the most important features of Optimism is to be able to perfectly support the rapidly evolving tooling landscape with EVM equivalence. We’re very excited to have BlockVision contributing to that by integrating their advanced APIs.”

—— Ben Jones, Co-founder and Chief Scientist of Optimism

If you are a developer, sign up for a free BlockVision account today and get started building on Optimism. If you’re not a developer, take advantage of BlockVision’s Smart Alerts and more services coming along to make better investing decisions.

Find us: Website | Twitter |Discord




Next Generation of Web 3.0 Data Infrastructure | Cloud & API Services

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Next Generation of Web 3.0 Data Infrastructure | Cloud & API Services

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