BlockVision Successfully Supports BEP20 & NFT APIs on BNB Chain

As the new-generation data infrastructure for Web 3.0, BlockVision strives to become a chain-agnostic portal for all dApp developers and users. We are excited to announce that BlockVision becomes the one of the first data service providers that supports basic and enhanced NFT APIs on BNB Chain.

BlockVision’s BNB Chain APIs — Performance

With the explosion in the volume of blockchain data we predict in the foreseeable future, BlockVision pioneers in adopting the HTAP (Hybrid Transactional and Analytical Processing) architecture, a high-performance data processing solution widely used in big data companies, on blockchain systems. With the successful integration of HTAP last year, BlockVision achieves an unprecedented TPS of 200,000, and can gracefully handle the huge volume of data synchronization, query and analysis required for users of BNB Chain APIs.

With a TPS of 60, 4 times faster than Ethereum, BNB Chain still poses no challenges to BlockVision’s performance. With recent tests, BNB Chain APIs are able to return responses within 10 milliseconds.

BlockVision’s BNB Chain APIs — Functionalities

With BlockVision’s basic and enhanced APIs for BNB Chain, users are able to obtain the current & historical balance, positions, transactions and interaction events of both FTs and NFTs, at any given time.

BlockVision’s enhanced APIs for BNB Chain include:

  • bep20_approvals: Gets historical BEP20 approval events of any address.
  • bep20_mintsBurns: Gets historical mint and burn events for any BEP20 contract address.
  • bep20_transfers: Gets historical BEP20 transfer events of any address without having to scan the entire chain.
  • bep721_circulations / bep1155_circulations: Gets historical NFT transfer records for any BEP721 / BEP1155.
  • bep721_approvals / bep1155_approvals: Gets historical BEP721 / BEP1155 approval events of any address.
  • bep721_transfers / bep1155_transfers: Gets historical BEP721 / BEP1155 transfer events of any address.
  • bep721_accountStats / bep1155_accountStats: Gets stats info of any accounts with a certain BEP721 / BEP1155 asset, including the total number of transactions, approval events, daily transaction volume and daily approval events.
  • bep721_contractStats / bep1155_contractStats: Gets overall stats info of any BEP721 / BEP1155 contracts, including the total number of historical transactions, approval times, daily transfer times, daily approval times and more.




Next Generation of Web 3.0 Data Infrastructure | Cloud & API Services

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Next Generation of Web 3.0 Data Infrastructure | Cloud & API Services

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