Discover “Giant Whales” with BlockVision: The Ultimate Guide to Investing Like a Pro

You’re probably familiar with the term “Whale”. It is often used to describe someone who has a lot of money and can make a big impact on the market with a single transaction. But what about when you want to invest like a Whale? With BlockVision, you can! We have created a series of enhanced APIs and a real-time monitoring system that allow you to track whale activities across various blockchain platforms, know when the Smart Money is buying and selling, and get alerted on any movement from desired accounts. This way, you can be sure to never miss an opportunity and make better, more informed investment decisions. Here’s how it works:


If you want to follow “Smart Money” when it comes time for trading, the first step is understanding which Giant accounts are available to track. There are two simple strategies:

  1. Target accounts whose current ETH or ERC20 Token balance is greater than a specified amount. BlockVision can access all on-chain transaction data. In addition to analyzing wallets according to their current position status, users can also specify a historical time interval for finding the target accounts.
  2. Addresses who have at least one transaction whose amount is greater than a specific number. Users can query all the transactions involving an amount greater than N, and then export the corresponding account addresses.

Filter By Position

Through BlockVision’s erc20_filterAccount interface, you can set the blockNumber, target contractAddress and the position threshold to export qualified account addresses.

Filter By Transaction

Through BlockVision’s erc20_filterTransfer interface, you can specify blockNumber to set timestamps and the minimum transaction amount to export the according wallet addresses.


After targeting the wallets you want to track, you can start monitoring them in real time using BlockVision’s Notify API. You will be able to receive instant alerts to your application of choice such as SMS, Email, Telegram or Discord when the Whale’s account balance changes, or any transactions occur involving that address.

Don’t miss out on the next opportunity — start tracking Whales today with BlockVision! To learn more, visit our website at, and be sure to follow us on Twitter and join our Telegram / Discord. We’re excited to help you maximize your profits and take your investment game to the next level!




Next Generation of Web 3.0 Data Infrastructure | Cloud & API Services

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Next Generation of Web 3.0 Data Infrastructure | Cloud & API Services

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