Block Wars before upgrade — half of Europe claimed — where are you?

TLDR: Awesome new game rules. Play now! A second public audit phase has started and ends June 21st. All players will of course still keep their blocks and battle points even if an upgrade is necessary.

It’s now been 4 weeks since our Ethereum mainnet launch and a lot of things have happened. 30 players have been playing Block Wars, even though we were in an initial audit phase. That is truly amazing! We have heard your opinions, both online in our Discord community and at events like Bloxpo and at Decentralized Camp meetups. …

The Block Wars team had the honour to meet with Gossip Guy and talk about blockchain, Hashgraph and Ethereum! Check out the new video interview and don’t forget to smash the like button!





After an intensive Mainnet Public Audit Phase, it has now come to an end. We have been in contact with several enthusiastic developers and we want to thank everybody who have helped and supported us.

It has been a worthwhile experience for the Block Wars team. In these past weeks we have been coding, discussed new features, talked to lots of people, talked about Block Wars in general and also attended many events. There have been many positive insights and a lot of people arereally interested in the development of the game.

The Main Public Audit Phase is now over…

2 days ago, on May 17th we were at the first Bloxpo conference. It was held in Stockholm, Sweden and its tagline was “Forget the hype - build things”. Perfect match for us since we’ve actually built something. People kept coming up to us constantly, asking many curious questions about the game and how we built it. Thanks everyone who talked to us, we had a great time!

We shared the Decentralized Camp booth with Superblocks, which goal is to simplify development of dapps (decentralized apps). …

The four red and black balloons were bought, the pizza was on its way and people started dropping in, both at the physical event at Digital Route hosted by Decentralized Camp in Stockholm as well as on the livestream. This was a week ago and it was time for the launch event for Block Wars. People seemed excited. Some of them already very informed of what we had been building since December and some others clueless.

Presentation ongoing

The event started and to keep this short we went over this presentation.

At one point we had a raffle for the meetup attendees…

We have an invite competition ongoing and each week we pick winners that win genesis blocks in Block Wars as well as some battle points to play with. The winners of week 19 were announced in and they were Jorrit who took the first price, winning Irkutsk, Russia while our second winner was MasterNodes who got San Pedro, Ivory Coast. Both are clearly great for taking over their respective continents, right?

We will contact the winners on Twitter or Discord and manage the transfer of their blocks.

Things are starting to get really exciting! On Monday May 7th Block Wars will go live on the Ethereum mainnet. Of course this has to be celebrated so we’ll throw an event at Digital Route,, in Stockholm Sweden at 18:00. The actual launch will happen at 20:00 (UTC+2) and we will livestream parts of the event. If you happen to be around, feel free to join us at Digital Route.

Is it gonna be you who gets to claim Tokyo first? Or London? Or New York?

See you at the launch event, via the livestream or in the game! Let’s conquer the world together!

PS. Don’t forget to join our raffle (ends 1 day before launch) where you can win genesis blocks

After many hard months of game theory and coding we have finally reached the day where we can announce that we’re ready for mainnet release! It’s gonna be on May 7th, which is only 10 days away!!! We are super excited and hope you will like our game. We also hope the Ethereum mainnet is ready for us!? :)

A new feature we have added is that a player will get a boost during an attack when having adjacent blocks. This goes for both attacker as well as defender. In the example below the cat is being attacked by us…

Take the chance to win genesis blocks in Block Wars!


1. Invite 5 people to our telegram channel

2. Follow us on Twitter and tweet about us (include @BlockWarsLive and

3. Subscribe to our YouTube channel

Then register yourself here so we can verify and make you part of the raffle


1 user will win 1 genesis block worth 100 finney and 10 finney in battle value.

3 users will win 1 genesis block worth 20 finney and 5 finney in battle value.

5 users will win 1 genesis block worth 10 finney and 2 finney in battle value.

10 users will win 1 genesis block worth 1 finney and 1 finney in battle value.

* 1 finney = 0.001 ETH

We will draw the winners after mainnet release.

Good luck!

Here’s the first gameplay video ever of Block Wars. It shows most of the common actions in the game. Check it out and let us know what you think!

Block Wars

Map-based war game on the Ethereum blockchain

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