EEA publishes Blockchain uses for T-Mobile and other major Telecoms

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Aug 30 · 2 min read

The Enterprise Ethereum Alliance (EEA), an organization that aims to establish standards in the blockchain sector, has published a collection of use cases for blockchain in telecommunications.

According to the announcement, the new document on blockchain solutions in the telecom industry was created by the EEA Telecom Special Interest Group (SIG). This document is free and open to the public, and reportedly contains information on how blockchain technology can streamline business transactions and internal operations in telecommunications. Additionally, the document purports to show how so-dubbed standards-based decentralized applications can decrease fraud risk, in addition to more direct monetary benefits.

Additionally, the document contains several detailed use cases for blockchain solutions in telecoms, including the following:

  • Blockchain-Based Telecom Call Roaming User Authentication
  • Blockchain-Based Telecom Call Roaming Reconciliation
  • Data Privacy and Monetization

EEA published a document on blockchain use cases in the real estate sector in May. Over 50 real estate companies contributed to the project, which contains four main use cases for blockchain in real estate. These use cases are property tokenization, token-enabled marketplaces, a standardized property data system and a use case to speed up the recording and transferring properties.

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