Announcing Blockmarket Desktop Beta 4!

Jun 12, 2017 · 2 min read

We are pleased to announce Blockmarket Desktop beta 4! You will find many improvements in this wallet as it gets close to our release-quality bar we set on the onset of development. We would like to reach a target of 80% in terms of bugs fixed on our bug list before we release BM Desktop to the public on mainnet. Beta 4 fixes a majority of the high-priority issues reported thus far. We hope to achieve 80% target with this release as we continue to pursue a security audit on the finalized code. While the community is working through the list of fixes, we are working on integrating paging, scrolling and categorized views, escrow and encrypted wallet support. Beta 5 will be feature-complete and barring any major showstopping bug, we will be on the way to releasing our latest major commercial product for Blockchain Foundry!

A big thank you to the whole community for identifying and logging issues through the beta status page as they arise in testing. The quality bar has been raised immensely with each beta release we have done. We are comfortable with where beta 4 is and once feature-complete, will look to have the code in place to go live on mainnet. Please continue to log any issues via GitHub issues and the #beta-testing room in our Slack.

Additional features and enhancements like the Changelly integration, reseller support and multi-signature support are being planned for future releases which will occur shortly after the first 1.0 release.

We plan to release information regarding some of the Blockchain Foundry team going full-time via an office location in Vancouver BC as well as ramping up development resources. We will have information on that in another post shortly. Exciting times ahead!

Updated beta binaries are available via the links below:

Join us on our Slack Channel or our Telegram Channel for more information. Get an automatic invitation to our Slack Channel here:


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