Blockchain Foundry Engages Marketing Agency

After listening to community feedback and a long search, Blockchain Foundry has chosen Ballistic Arts Media Studios Inc. to enhance the marketing effectiveness of all services and product lines. This is the beginning of a long-term partnership that will solidify the branding strategy and improve marketing presence of Syscoin, the upcoming Blockmarket Web, and future projects across all media.

Ballistic Arts Website and Portfolio

Ballistic Arts is a full-service marketing agency whose clients include the highly recognized Simon Fraser University, Recycle BC, Capilano College, Vancouver International Auto Show and more. They have been highly commended for their work in digital marketing, video production, motion graphics, web development, and branding.

“We’re excited to work with Blockchain Foundry. We’re confident we can make Blockmarket a household name and make Syscoin a top ten coin.”, says Ted Lau, CEO of Ballistic Arts, “Some of our staff are passionate about cryptocurrency, so we have a deep insight into the ecosystem. Marketing can make or break any company, and we have the resources and experience to deliver tremendous value to Blockchain Foundry and the Syscoin protocol.”

Plans for amalgamating and updating the Blockchain Foundry website assets are now incorporated into a wide-scale marketing strategy which is focused not only on boosting the online presence of Syscoin and Blockchain Foundry among cryptocurrency audiences, but also on making sure that Blockmarket Web and future projects launch with a bang heard well outside the cryptocurrency ecosystem.

Ballistic Arts has begun the rebranding phase, which will affect the look and feel of all Blockchain Foundry products and should conclude around the end of October. The new brand strategy will then be rolled out with the new website which will remain under development until December. Following the website launch, Ballistic Arts will be taking over web management tasks under the guidance of the Blockchain Foundry Team.

As part of our new marketing strategy, Ballistic Arts has additionally begun production of a promotional video and other assets vital to the launch of Blockmarket Web. The promotional video will showcase Blockmarket for a broader, non-crypto audience.

“Blockmarket Web will have a global influence and our marketing strategy needs to be prepared to engage this audience. Ballistic Arts has the large and diverse team required to do this.” commented Brad Hammerstron, CMO of Blockchain Foundry, “They are more than capable and I look forward to start showing the results of this partnership.”

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