Blockchain Foundry Integrates Offerings Powered By Syscoin with Microsoft Azure; Syscoin Core 2.1.3 with SegWit released!


Following our news release today, we wanted to take an opportunity to revisit some of our near-term roadmap items and strategy.

We have now submitted our first three products to Microsoft’s Azure platform and we will continue to work with Microsoft on future product releases, including Blockmarket. Microsoft will be posting a Syscoin-related update on the Azure blog shortly. They have been a great partner for us as we have developed the business and scaled up, and we are looking forward to continuing to work with them as we evolve beyond a marketplace-only offering.

Microsoft certification is a significant milestone for Blockchain Foundry, and we will be using this traction in conversations with investors over the next few months, as well as in discussions that we continue to have with real-world partners in a range of industries. People are waking up to the potential of Syscoin and Blockchain Foundry to drive real innovation and disruption in a broad range of applications and we are working hard to demonstrate the potential of the system and get involved in projects that will drive meaningful value for the Syscoin ecosystem.

On the technical side, we have also released Syscoin Core 2.1.3. This update adds significant functionality to the network, including the ability to use SegWit for Syscoin services. In general, it will allow Syscoin to dramatically extend its functionality with advanced applications such as witnessing alias updates (useful for notarization and confirmation of data) and aggregating multiple signatures into one multisignature address. This functionality is incredibly useful for identity-based blockchain applications and positions Syscoin and Blockchain Foundry at the forefront of these innovations.


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