Blockchain Foundry Update: Full Time Team Members, Office Space and New Developers Joining the Team


We are pleased to provide a business update to the community with some exciting news about our team, working arrangements, office space and some new team members who will be joining Blockchain Foundry.
Recently, both Jag Sidhu and Brad Hammerstron committed to working on Blockchain Foundry and Syscoin on a full-time basis with Willy Ko committing to three days per week. This is a huge step forward for the whole team. We expect it to have a materially positive impact on our overall pace of development and allow us to roll out new products much more quickly than in the past.

In conjunction with these developments, the team has taken on office space in Vancouver. This is another important milestone for Blockchain Foundry and Syscoin. Our Vancouver-based team members will have a central working space and will be able to spend their time working in the same office, with all of the productivity benefits that such an arrangement brings.

Sebastian Schepis

We are very excited to announce that two new developers will be joining the team over the next few weeks. Sebastian Schepis, who many longtime Syscoin followers will recognize as the original developer of Syscoin, is rejoining the team as a core developer. Sebastian will be spending most of his time working with Jag on further development of the core codebase as well as upcoming projects which will be featured in another post soon. Sebastian is a senior Software Engineer with over 25 years of software development experience building and integrating software systems for clients ranging from Lockheed to Bank of America. His expertise will help accelerate our development time for future enterprise scale products built on Syscoin and he will also help the team with technical outreach activities at conferences and industry meetups.

Ian Wijesinghe

Also joining the team is Ian Wijesinghe. Ian is a Senior Software Engineer from Vancouver BC with over 35 years experience in the field of Computer Science. He possesses many desirable traits including being a creative thinker, excellent interpersonal skills as well as leadership qualities that make him an excellent addition to the Blockchain Foundry team. The core of his career was with Microsoft as a Program Manager and Principle Consultant. His previous position was with Alpha Technologies working along side Syscoin Core developer and CTO of Blockchain Foundry Jag Sidhu as a Senior Software Developer. Ian is especially great at abstracting technically complex topics and explaining them to non-technical people and is also at home in front of groups of people presenting new technologies or leading workshops. His full skillset will be utilized as a lead designer of research and development for Blockchain Foundry as well as attending workshops and conferences giving presentations on technologies developed or used by Blockchain Foundry.

In addition to increasing our development capabilities, we are also adding additional marketing support. We have hired a graphic artist and designer to assist with marketing, testing, developing video content, vector assets and tutorials. She has over 10 years experience as a digital and traditional media artist and 8 years as a marketing consultant. We look forward to seeing some amazing results coming from the marketing team as we expand Blockchain Foundry’s product offering and continue to move the Syscoin project forward.

Blockmarket Desktop Security Audit and Update

We’ve been hard at work finishing up Blockmarket Desktop beta 5 for security audit to ensure the safety of user’s coins when the software is enabled on mainnet for the 1.0 release. The past few weeks have been focused on completing the final functionality missing from beta 4 for the 1.0 release so it can all be covered by the security audit team. We plan to continue polishing the final release client from a design and usability perspective while the audit is ongoing, any changes we introduce in this period would have no impact on security.

We’re working with Digital Boundary Group, experts in IT software security, to perform the security audit. The audit is scheduled to begin in early July meaning the final 1.0 release will be after the audit is complete. We’ll be releasing beta 5 to the public next week. The audit could take several weeks after which we’ll get a full risk analysis report. We’ll address any findings and Digital Boundary will perform a followup remediation analysis (single day) to confirm any findings have been fixed. We believe that this type of diligence is a must with any software that touches live user balances and we hope that by performing this audit we’re raising the bar for what users should expect from all blockchain/cryptocurrency projects. We’re looking forward to a polished and secure release of Blockmarket Desktop 1.o that everyone can be confident using!

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