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Blockmarket 1.2.2 with update

Mar 20, 2018 · 2 min read

On Friday, March 16th we released Blockmarket 1.2.1 update with many bug fixes and improvements. Shortly after release we became aware that, due to efforts to meet regulatory requirements, their service is no longer available in some countries. We are releasing Blockmarket 1.2.2 to handle errors in countries where their service is now blocked.

Other minor updates include:

  1. An issue where a user could create an alias for a date set far into the future, incurring an exorbitant transaction fee. Expiry date has now been limited to 5 years and an estimate of the actual transaction fee is calculated.
  2. Fixed issue with Syscoin identities failing to load saved data.
  3. Added warning under the Basic Public Data field.
  4. Fixed hidden shipping address value when wallet is locked.
  5. Removed the password field from the Basic form since it wont be used.
  6. Re-enabled switching between Basic and Advanced alias view.
  7. Minor UI improvements.


Windows | Mac | Github Release Page

To upgrade, simply install Blockmarket 1.2.2 over any previous Blockmarket or Syscoin wallet.


  • Windows Defender may initially block installation. You can continue to use Blockmarket Desktop by clicking More Info. This is a known issue and will be rectified soon as we are currently in the process of updating our Microsoft Certificates.
  • Always backup your wallet.dat or private key before proceeding with an upgrade. Blockmarket 1.2.2 uses the same wallet.dat file as previous Blockmarket applications and Syscoin Qt wallets.
  • Be sure to close any running Syscoin applications before installing.
  • Let the application fully sync. You will see recent transactions when the wallet is fully synchronized with the blockchain.
  • For help or issues, please check our Knowledge Base at

This post shall not constitute an offer to sell or the solicitation of an offer to buy securities in the United States.

For more information about Syscoin or Blockchain Foundry Inc., visit or Join us on our Telegram Channel • Slack: • Twitter: Syscoin • Facebook: Syscoin
Trade Syscoin at or

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