Blockmarket Desktop 3.1.3

Sep 11, 2018 · 3 min read

We are pleased to announce the release of Blockmarket Desktop 3.1.3, the latest build of our flagship HTML5 wallet with a built-in decentralized marketplace, asset creation, custom token creation, decentralized identities, escrow service and more!

Blockchain Foundry’s Blockmarket team have addressed the majority of issues from Blockmarket Desktop 3.0 and are confident that this is the best release ever.

Here are some highlights:

  • FASTER live updates
  • FASTER transactions
  • FASTER messaging
  • Messages are now free and you will receive confirmation messages.
  • Fixed import bmdumpwallet.dat issues
  • Fixed syncing and reindexing issues
  • Added better encryption key handling
  • NEW: Added Alias transfer functionality
  • Changed Basic/Advanced Aliases to Alias/Personalized Aliases: One screen to rule them all (no more basic or advanced) for creating an alias
  • New: Screen for editing alias data
  • New: Personalize alias (this is where you can set and edit your avatar as well as your social media URLs)
  • New: Generate alias keys — a dedicated screen to repairing aliases that have key issues
  • New: Transfer an alias from one address to another address in your wallet or another address not in your wallet You can access all of these functions from the main menu
  • NEW: Wallet → Backup/Import Wallet: You can now backup your wallet.dat to another location on your computer and import bmwalletdump.dat files
  • NEW: Blockmarket will support a “–datadir” flag that repoints the user at a different directory for the data files (to support masternodes, please ensure you copy your masternode.conf file to new data folder)
  • Asset creation: change to add fungible/non-fungible tokens and provide explanation to user as to what they are
  • Tools → Syscoin.Conf will load the syscoin.conf file using the default text editor when run on a Mac
  • “Tokens” now has a popup field per token indicating token information
  • You can now search for assets using alias/identity name
  • Fixed minor navigation, display issues and additional minor issues
  • Fixed collect interest functionality.


Windows | Mac | Github

Upgrade Instructions:

To upgrade from Blockmarket 3.0 or if you have not upgraded to QT 3.1.3 please close your application first, then navigate to your syscoincore folder:

MAC: /Users/[USERNAME]/Library/Application Support/syscoincore

WINDOWS: C:\Users\[USERNAME]\AppData\Roaming\syscoincore

  1. If you have already updated to QT 3.1.3 you do not need to delete data but you will need to reindex. Tools->Reindex Blockmarket then skip to Step #4.
  2. Make a backup of your wallet.dat and masternode.conf file in a safe place.
    Within the syscoincore folder, delete everything except wallet.dat and masternode.conf (Masternode.conf is REQUIRED to lock your collateral within QT or BMD)
  3. Install Blockmarket Desktop 3.1.3
  4. Let Blockmarket 3.1.3 synchronize to 100%
  5. Please check that your Blocks match that of the explorer (hover over blue 100% indicator to see.)
  6. Check that debug.log is off. Go to Tools->Open syscoin.conf if there is not a line debug=0 then add it and save. Close and reopen BM.

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Thanks to Justin Silver.


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