Blockmarket Desktop 1.1.1 Released

Last week we released Syscoin Identities and Blockmarket Desktop 1.1. The next major release will be Syscoin V1 Masternodes on public Testnet in mid-November. In parallel with the work for Syscoin Masternodes we’re also working on improving the Blockmarket Desktop for its release in late November.

Now that Syscoin Identities are live on the Syscoin Mainnet we’re working to further integrate them into Blockmarket across the board. This will provide users with a familiar “user account” (aka: Alias) based experience which will assist with mainstream adoption as it is a familiar construct for most people.

The areas we work on in the lead up to Blockmarket Web include usability, feature parity between Blockmarket and Syscoin Qt (like direct BTC/ZEC payment, multi-signature functionality, etc.) as well as the Syscoin 2.2 core which provides secure global access to Syscoin data on the back of the Syscoin Alias service and in-app access to payment processors to enable on-ramps and off-ramps from the Syscoin token for both other cryptocurrencies and fiat. We consider these areas to be key foundational elements to making Blockmarket Web “sticky” from day one.

As we work towards the Blockmarket Web release we’ll be providing incremental updates/releases of Blockmarket Desktop as certain milestones are achieved. In the course of working towards the late November milestone we discovered some issues we felt warranted addressing as soon as possible to continue Syscoin’s marketplace growth and adoption prior to Blockmarket Web. Below you’ll find the latest Blockmarket Desktop release, version 1.1.1 which includes a number of key bug fixes related to messaging and offer editing.


Blockmarket 1.1.1: Mac | Windows

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