Blockmarket Desktop 1.2.1 Update: First-Time User Help and Bug Fixes

We are proud to release our latest update of Blockmarket Desktop 1.2.1 with more in-line help and bug fixes. The new help functionality increases useability for new users.

A number of issues with laptop users having their data corrupted by sleep mode have been addressed plus a number of other issues such as:

  • Create verified hash signatures for release versions of BM on OSX and Win.
  • ‘’Fund-wallet’’ bugged after quickly changing the amount of currency you want to exchange. Gives a rate to exchange not in line with the real rate.
  • Send amount field too small.
  • Incorrect funding amount shown in Funding Manager.
  • “Tutorial” text updates for main sections.
  • Strong password warning.
  • Show ‘Restart Wallet’ error to user when encrypting wallet for the first time.
  • Limit Alias creation maximum to 5 years.
  • Stuck on loading screen.
  • Margins and padding issues.
  • Catch opening Blockmarket while it’s already running.
  • Fund Manager currency selection full name and logo.
  • Console error on Startup.
  • Being able to directly message the seller from the offer.
  • “First Time” experience improvements.
  • Code signing for releases.

This is a point release and some additional issues we are aware of that require core changes will be fixed in 3.0. We have more news and several posts we’re working with our legal counsel on for regulatory compliance before we can share them publicly. We’re making good progress on our goal for the end of March release and will be sharing more about that in the upcoming updates.


Windows | Mac | Github Release Page

To upgrade, simply install Blockmarket 1.2.1 over any previous Blockmarket or Syscoin wallet.


  • Always backup your wallet.dat or private key before proceeding with an upgrade. Blockmarket 1.2.1 uses the same wallet.dat file as previous Blockmarket applications and Syscoin Qt wallets.
  • Be sure to close any running Syscoin applications before installing.
  • Let the application fully sync. You will see recent transactions when the wallet is fully synchronized with the blockchain.
  • For help or issues, please check our Knowledge Base at

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