Sep 12, 2017 · 3 min read

We are proud to announce the achievement of the latest milestone produced by our company, Blockchain Foundry Inc. Today, we officially launch Blockmarket Desktop v1.0.

The Blockmarket Desktop v1.0 launch kicks-off a first among a series of e-commerce releases; followed shortly by Blockmarket Web Beta due before the end of 2017. We are happy to offer this version of Blockmarket completely free of charge to our greatest supporters, the Syscoin community.

As of today, Blockmarket Desktop is now the official Syscoin “flagship” software and we will ensure to keep Blockmarket Desktop updated with new functionality and any required maintenance. We will also continue to support the Syscoin QT wallet, however, future releases will no longer include the additional features that Blockmarket Desktop now provides. For developers, we have ensured that console commands will remain accessible via the QT software.

You can download Blockmarket Desktop V1.0 here.

The Road To Blockmarket Web

As mentioned, Blockmarket Desktop is our first among a series of e-commerce application releases; Blockmarket Web is the next planned Blockmarket-branded release and we are tentatively targeting to release the Beta before the end of the year.

Blockmarket Web will provide all the great and easy-to-use functionality of Blockmarket Desktop without the need to install software; anyone that has access to the internet will be able to benefit from the innovations of the Syscoin network by simply entering a username and password.

How to run Blockmarket v1.0 (when you haven’t already installed the Syscoin QT wallet)

It’s quite simple, simply download Blockmarket Desktop v1.0 for your operating system found here.

Run the Blockmarket v1.0 software

Wait until Blockmarket Desktop has synced to the latest block.

Add some Syscoin to your wallet; very small amounts of Syscoin is required to use the functionalities of Blockmarket Desktop.

Please do not run Syscoin-QT and Blockmarket Desktop together, Blockmarket Desktop is meant to be a replacement product for Syscoin-QT.

Check out our step-by-step video on how to use Blockmarket Desktop here.

How to Upgrade from Syscoin 2.1.4 to Blockmarket Desktop v1.0

As with any upgrade, always back up your wallet.dat.

The location of wallet.dat will vary based on your operating system, click here for the Windows location or here for the Mac location.

Now, copy the wallet.dat to a safe location as a backup.
Run Blockmarket Desktop (follow “How to run Blockmarket v1.0”) above.

If you have previously installed Blockmarket Beta

If you have used any of the beta’s you will need to delete your Blockmarket folder from %appdata% (For Windows users) or from ~/Library/Application Support(For OSX users).

If you are having troubles with a small amount of seeds and slow syncing please add the following node list to your syscoin.conf file in your Syscoin app data folder:


Visit or join us on our Slack Channel or our Telegram Channel for more information. Get an automatic invitation to our Slack Channel here:


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