Building a Better Experience- Project “Syscoin Elite”

Syscoin Elite Server Edition [in development]

The on-going development of Blockmarket M1 has reaffirmed for us the potential that Syscoin’s blockchain-based commerce platform has for disrupting the e-commerce industry. A key to accomplishing this will be a smooth, consumer-grade user experience that provides all the benefits of blockchain technology without users having to understand the inner workings of the blockchain, as well as building a foundation for a third party plugin ecosystem around the Syscoin platform.

Currently the use of Syscoin’s services is solely through Syscoin 2.0’s “reference wallet”. It’s a revolutionary piece of software; however, like most Cryptocurrency wallets, it is lacking a user-friendly and aesthetically-pleasing experience. We’ve designed and are now in the production of creating a better user-experience, more akin to what we’ve been developing for merchants as a browser experience within Blockmarket. If you’re a merchant running Blockmarket M1 on a web server you will have what amounts to an entirely new and vastly improved wallet experience within the web browser, and a front end through which your consumers can view, browse and purchase only your items.

We wanted to make sure the Blockmarket M1 release was as inclusive as possible when it came to which users would be able to directly appreciate the “new release” when it was made public. We know there will be some Blockmarkets live shortly after the M1 release but the number of users that would appreciate that would be limited to merchants and only indirectly to the consumers who purchase items from those merchants.

We wanted the M1 release to provide more direct benefit for all users- thus project “Syscoin Elite” was born. Syscoin Elite is the codename we’re using for our next product and it represents the evolution of our HTML/Desktop wallet efforts which started under the Syscoin team combined with work that’s already been done for Blockmarket M1. Syscoin Elite is a fully-featured cross-platform consumer wallet which will be a proprietary product of Blockchain Foundry for interfacing with the Syscoin platform.

Just like there are many other “wallets” out there for Bitcoin that provide better user experiences for interacting with Bitcoin (Circle,, Coinbase, etc) Syscoin Elite will provide a better user experience for interacting with Syscoin’s features. We’ll continue to maintain the Syscoin “reference wallet” (aka the Syscoin QT wallet) for power users. The Syscoin Elite app may not always have all the features of the reference wallet because its geared towards the consumer market, while the traditional QT wallet is intended more for power users who are less concerned with ease of experience. As that consumer market asks for certain features in the reference wallet to be included with a better user experience in Syscoin Elite, we’ll add those features accordingly.

Syscoin Elite Desktop [in development]

Syscoin Elite will provide for a consistent user experience across desktop, browser, and mobile for all the major functions of the Syscoin platform. Syscoin Elite is also built on technology that will allow us to enhance and upgrade the user experience much more rapidly than the current reference wallet allows. Because the Elite app is a Blockchain Foundry product it is being built with full internationalization in mind and will support a variety of languages upon release.

Syscoin Elite is being built to support “plugins”, the first of which will be created by Blockchain Foundry (Blockmarket). This creates the foundation for an ecosystem of plugins created by third party developers to further enhance the experience/use cases for which the Syscoin platform can be utilized.

Our plan is to release project Syscoin Elite for desktop with support for Syscoin 2.1 features at the same time as Blockmarket M1. Using this strategy ALL Syscoin users will benefit from the Blockmarket M1 release rather than only those who know how to deploy a web server, setup Syscoin Elite and enable the Blockmarket M1 plugin.

Because of this evolutionary development Blockmarket itself has become the first plugin for Syscoin Elite [Server Edition]. We plan on directly incorporating support for the Blockmarket plugin into the desktop wallet when Blockmarket M2 is released- meaning you will be able to create new Blockmarkets and jump from market to market directly within Syscoin Elite!

While this sounds like a lot of work, a large part of the code for Syscoin Elite will be repurposed from Blockmarket development and thus should have no impact on the Blockmarket M1 public release date of Q4 2016. It will, however, add a lot more to the scope of what is being released!

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