IMPORTANT: Instructions for Upgrading to Syscoin 3 / Syscoin Release

These instructions are mandatory for all users migrating an existing Syscoin wallet from Syscoin 2.x to 3.x. If you have already upgraded from 2.x these steps are still required and can be executed using Syscoin QT 2.x or Syscoin QT 3.0.0.

Download Syscoin Windows | Mac |Code (zip)

For users who are importing wallets/funds from Syscoin 2.x OR have already imported funds into Syscoin 3.0.0:

IMPORTANT STEPS: For Windows users, using Syscoin-QT 2.x only:

  • Locate/create a shortcut for Syscoin-Qt 2.x. (to create a shortcut right click on the syscoin-qt.exe found where you installed it.)
  • Right click on the shortcut and select “Properties”
  • In the “Target” field add a space after \syscoin-qt.exe, followed by:

“-datadir=%HOMEPATH%\AppData\Roaming\Syscoin” (without quotes)

  • click “Ok”. (This step will tell the application to open using the legacy “Syscoin” directory instead of the new “SyscoinCore” directory.
  • Save the shortcut and run Syscoin-QT 2.x from this shortcut ONLY.

For Mac & Windows Users:

  1. Open your existing wallet using Syscoin-QT 2.1.6 or Syscoin-QT 3.0.0 and unlock.
  2. Open “Tools > Debug Console” and run the “dumpwallet” command passing the full path to where the wallet should be dumped, including your desired filename.

4. Close Syscoin-QT 2.1.6/Syscoin-QT 3.0.0

5. Backup your existing 3.0.0 wallet.dat by removing it from the SyscoinCore folder or renaming it. Remove “salvagewallet=1” from syscoin.conf if present.

6. Open Syscoin-QT with no wallet.dat in SyscoinCore.

7. Import your wallet into Syscoin using the “Tools > Debug Console” menu option. This time run the “importwallet” command passing the same path used in step #2.

8. Backup your new wallet.dat file!

9. IMPORTANT: Make sure you delete the dumpwallet file you created in step 2, it contains your private keys and is not encrypted.

For users who did NOT import wallets:

  1. Backup your wallet.dat file (non-HD)
  2. Run Syscoin
  3. Backup your wallet.dat file again (HD)

If your wallet closes unexpectedly when trying to unlock please visit our #help channel on Slack for further assistance.

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