Introducing Blockchain Foundry’s First Certified Azure Marketplace Offering


After months of work and lots of testing we’re extremely proud to announce that Blockchain Foundry’s first certified Azure Marketplace offering under the umbrella of Microsoft’s Blockchain as a Service initiative is now live in the Azure Marketplace.

Syscoin Full Node Certified Azure Marketplace Offer

This is a major milestone both for our company which is in the process of seeking funding and also for the Syscoin blockchain which powers the majority of our initial pipeline of products. We’ve decided to offer the “Syscoin Full Node” product on Azure free of charge. We did this to enable a larger user base to start experimenting and interacting with Syscoin services for no cost outside of Azure’s infrastructure fees.

This new offering allows users to deploy a fully-hosted Syscoin node with a few simple clicks. By harnessing the power of Microsoft’s Azure platform users can combine robust infrastructure offerings with Blockchain Foundry’s Azure Marketplace products to create powerful decentralized business applications. This product will be continually upgraded as new Syscoin releases are available, eventually introducing robust smart contract capabilities.

Blockchain Foundry is working with Microsoft to help bring more attention to its suite of business blockchain products after more of them have been released to production. We currently have several additional products in the works which are in various stages of packaging for certification or final testing prior to packaging. Once these products have been released Blockchain Foundry will be one of the largest providers of certified blockchain solutions in the Azure Marketplace. Microsoft has kindly agreed to work with us by helping to spotlight our offerings in a future posting of theirs when the time is right.

This is going to be a very exciting year for Blockchain Foundry Inc. and we’re looking forward to sharing a number of additional products and partnerships very soon!


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