Let The Blockmarket for Desktop Beta Release Event Begin!

It’s been a long road but we’re excited to kick-off the Blockmarket for Desktop Public Beta Release Event! Blockmarket for Desktop is an entirely redesigned experience for the Syscoin blockchain business platform- no more QT wallets! Blockmarket replaces Syscoin’s antiquated wallet with a fresh, engaging design that boasts more usability, cutting edge web-based technologies (that will enable a web wallet product in the near future), conforms with the OpenAPI spec, and allows Blockchain Foundry to deliver and enhance both Blockmarket for Desktop and other blockchain-platform based experiences in 1/100th the time required by our previous application delivery technologies.

The community response to Blockmarket for Desktop has been immense — rightly so! This product has been a long time coming and I’m proud to say we’re a team that has consistently delivered, and we want to keep improving the quality of those deliveries. Respective of that we’re making sure to put our best foot forward with the release of Blockmarket for Desktop Beta.

Beta Phase 1

We’re going to start by releasing Syscoin Core 2.1.4 today as phase 1 of the Blockmarket for Desktop release event. Blockmarket for Desktop Beta utilizes Syscoin 2.1.4 so we’re releasing it ahead of the beta application for those interested; it is not a mandatory update as it will be bundled with the Blockmarket for Desktop Beta.

Download Syscoin 2.1.4 for Windows
Download Syscoin 2.1.4 for Mac OSX
Download Syscoin 2.1.4 Source Code

Beta Phase 2

The Blockmarket for Desktop Beta Application itself will be phase2 of the release event scheduled for Monday, May 8th at 3pm US/PST (Click for UTC time). Although the product will be beta status it will be highly representative of the direction that we’re going for with the final release later in May. Certain features like escrow and multisignature experiences are still being finalized so we have omitted them from the public beta so that we can further test them internally. We want to encourage users to download and explore the application to help us find bugs, improve user experience and generally help us to make as many valuable improvements to the application as we can before the final release on May 22nd. Verified issues will qualify for a bounty once confirmed by the team. To submit a bug report or enhancement request simply use the Github New Issue Form and make sure to add the Blockmarket label.

The Road To Final Release

Thanks to our new technology stack we’ll be able to cover a massive amount of improvements before the final release date and really make the product shine for investor demos at Consensus 2017 which I, Dan Wasyluk, Sebastien DiMichele and Chris Marsh from the Blockchain Foundry Inc board of directors, will be in attendance, showing demos of Syscoin and Blockchain Foundry Inc products to future potential-users and investors at our booth. The binary release date is also on a Monday in US/PST time which we know from past releases, is typically most effective for the release; catching the weekly news cycle.

The Blockmarket for Desktop Beta is a major milestone for the Blockchain Foundry team and the Syscoin platform as whole. The tools Blockchain Foundry has developed are what have enabled us to create entirely new experiences in cutting-edge technologies on top of the Syscoin platform in record times and those benefits will only continue to feed Syscoin’s value as we reuse that tech to deliver other Syscoin-powered application such as an encrypted mobile-messaging applications as well as other web, mobile and desktop Syscoin experiences, etc.

Users should take the time to update their local client to Syscoin 2.1.4 released today; it is the current “official” Syscoin Wallet until phase 2 of the Blockmarket for Desktop Public Beta event is complete and the final Blockmarket for Desktop product is released in May. We know the community is as excited as we are for the Blockmarket for Desktop Beta phase2 starting Monday — a true paradigm shift for the Syscoin platform experience!