Rebranding Update

For the past month we have been working closely with Ballistic Arts on a major brand overhaul for Blockchain Foundry and its suite of products, including Syscoin.

Work on the re-branding exercise is ongoing because we have taken the time necessary to achieve a result that properly represents Syscoin’s brand direction in 2018 and beyond. However, we can say that we now have a brand strategy that is very close to its final state.

The Syscoin protocol is a foundational component for Blockchain Foundry’s product development, and it is critical that we ensure both the brand and the information resources for Syscoin are clear, accessible and meaningful. To that end we’ve identified the need for flexible marketing messages that can react to the differing requirements of our brands. Several brands that we wish to align and improve include Syscoin, Blockmarket, and Blockchain Foundry, and these need to sit comfortably among other brands for products still in development.

The key aspects of this new direction are an open, accessible infrastructure for blockchain application development that presents an opportunity for businesses and consumers alike. Below is an early preview of work-in-progress.

Syscoin Website

The Syscoin website is undergoing a complete overhaul and will re-launch in Q1 2018. The update will focus on reinforcing the new brand message being developed around Syscoin and the site highly informative with a landing page presentation format. It will focus on Syscoin’s robust feature set, and how it is used in our products for both desktop and web environments, as well as providing information on services and exchanges that have embraced Syscoin. The site will retain its current URL but will live within the Blockchain Foundry website, hence the light navigational elements.

Syscoin Website Static Mockup

Rebranding Roadmap

There is still a lot to come in the rebranding pipeline. The Blockmarket Web and Syscoin Masternodes main-net release are imminent and due to this we’re focusing on elements of the rebranding that will provide maximum value relative to those upcoming releases. Below is a roadmap in rough chronological order relative to the rebranding, we hope this gives the community an idea of what to expect in the coming months.

The Syscoin rebrand exercise reinforces our exciting new direction for 2018 and further directs the brands under Blockchain Foundry’s umbrella toward the goals for which they were intended. Syscoin is not only a decentralized marketplace, it has many more capabilities and uses. For clarification: Blockmarket is a decentralized marketplace and Syscoin is the infrastructure on which Blockmarket runs. In this same manner other Blockchain Foundry products will utilize the Syscoin infrastructure to serve a variety of different use cases beyond decentralized marketplaces. The upcoming releases and rebranded Syscoin materials will assist in spreading awareness of Syscoin’s potential, and this will inspire third party developers to explore the Syscoin protocol and find their own uses for this exciting new platform.

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