Selling on Blockmarket Desktop 3.0: How to Create a Listing.

For first-time user instructions, please start with the Using Blockmarket Desktop 3.0 for the first time.

Becoming a merchant with Blockmarket Desktop 3.0 is simple and intuitive. Once you have created an Alias, you can then create listings to sell your items and services on the Blockmarket Decentralized marketplace, powered by Syscoin.

Navigate to the “New Offer” page from the “Marketplace” drop-down menu.

Enter the “Title” of your offer. Input the “Description”(be as descriptive as possible; enter any important instructions or specifications required from your customer, contact info, limitations such as delivery zone, etc). Click on “Select Images” to add up to 4 images from your computer to your listing (remember, clear and descriptive pictures will always gain more attention). Enter the “Price” this is the amount of the currency you will select in the next option. Select your “Currency” of choice (you will receive Syscoin for your offer, however, your offer will be priced in the currency of your choice: SYS, USD, CAD, CNY, EUR, GBP, JPY, KRW, BTC, DASH, ETH, LTC, ZEC).

The New Offer page on Blockmarket Desktop 3.0.

Enter the “Quantity” of the items or services available for purchase. Under “Owner Alias”, select the Alias you want to use as a merchant. Select the “Category” that applies most to your item. Review the form. When you are satisfied, click on “Create New Offer” to complete your listing.

The New Offer page on Blockmarket Desktop 3.0 (Continued).

Click “Yes” when asked if you would like to proceed.

Click “Yes” when asked if you would like to proceed.

Congratulations! Your listing is now posted on the marketplace. A transaction confirmation message will appear as soon as your listing is placed. You can now see the offer on the “Selling” section of the “My Marketplace” screen, which can be found in the “Marketplace” drop-down menu.

You will receive a confirmation message when your offer is created. Your offer will be displayed on the “Selling” section.

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