Syscoin 3.0.5 Release and Security Warning Issued

Security Warning

On June 9th, a Github account was compromised and malicious code was inserted into two Windows Installer files for Syscoin QT by an unknown party.

This may affect WINDOWS users who downloaded the full installer applications between the dates of June 9th and June 13th. It will not affect Mac, Linux, or Windows users who downloaded the .zip files.

Read the full security notice here.

Please be aware this exploit method could potentially affect other blockchain projects on Github.

Syscoin 3.0.5 Release

Syscoin 3.0.5 is optional for general wallet users. Sentinel 1.1.1 has also been released and is a mandatory upgrade for all masternodes.


  1. RPC calls to dump Syscoin db’s for auditing purposes
  2. Supports working with asset tokens, airdrop script support, and optimizations for leveldb syscoin database read/writes
  3. Retitled masternode “alias” to “name”
  4. Get Syscoin transaction description
  5. RPC for listassetallocationtransactions
  6. Multithreaded mempool