Syscoin 3.1.0 Core Release — MANDATORY UPGRADE

We are pleased to release the latest core upgrade to the Syscoin Platform. This is a MANDATORY upgrade for all Syscoin QT users, Masternode Administrators, Exchanges, Pools, and Miners. It is backward compatible and currently can be used as an alternative to previous releases.

Blockmarket Desktop 3.1.0 will not be released concurrently with this core upgrade, allowing the Syscoin base network to stabilize around the 3.1.0 protocol before Blockmarket is released at a later date on September 5th.

All users must upgrade before Syscoin block height of 175,000 which should occur roughly Wednesday, September 5, 2018 at 2:30 PM GMT. After block 175000 all 3.1.0 upgraded nodes will connect only to peers running 3.1.0 or higher versions of the Syscoin Core. All non-upgraded nodes WILL STOP SYNCING.

Improvements in this version:

  • New Feature: Shared transaction fees with Masternodes 50/50 split.
  • Multithreaded transaction verification. Optimized for multi-core processing.
  • Fixed transaction delay issue and threadpool fixes to address stuck Syscoin transactions.
  • Assets interchangeable with addresses and aliases.
  • Optimizations to Syscoin services and P2P layer for higher throughput of assets and other asset transfer speed improvements (TPS).
  • Fixed issues with interest rates and claiming interest.
  • General bug fixes.

Upgrade procedure:

  • Back up your current wallet.dat before upgrading
  • Install QT 3.1.0 or replace your current executables.

Download Syscoin 3.1.0 QT Wallets:


Syscoin 3.1.0 Github Repository:


Information for Masternode Administrators:


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