Syscoin Indexing Service

Syscoin 3.0: The New Blockchain Application Development Platform for Leaders, Inventors, and Innovators.

With the launch of Syscoin 3.0 we are thrilled to introduce a suite of new tools for creating custom blockchain applications. These tools provide: Flexibility, scalability, signing and identity capabilities, minimized blockchain bloat, smaller application footprints, and provide additional functionality alongside the Syscoin Core that can be used on custom projects and applications with cross-platform blockchain security. Functions that bloat or slow down the blockchain have been abstracted from the core as optional libraries to allow for separation of concerns and parallel execution — all hashed and anchored to the blockchain. By providing these types of tools we can build a larger and more robust ecosystem around Syscoin and its services.

Indexing Service

Syscoin Indexing Service is a system designed to provide a fast, powerful search and data extraction experience. It speeds up and enhances searches by syncing data from the blockchain and other sources, indexing it in a local database. As the blockchain core process receives blocks from the network, the indexer listens for messages that are emitted from the core. It picks up those messages and writes details to the indexer database; by running the Indexer as a background service, you can search quickly, filter data and conduct transformations on that data.

Syscoin Indexing Service uses three parts: Syscoin Indexer, Syscoin Indexer API and Syscoin Indexer DB.

Syscoin Indexing Service uses three parts: Syscoin Indexer, Syscoin Indexer API and Syscoin Indexer DB.

With Syscoin Indexer, you can customize the deployment to index the data on the decentralized application(dApp) that you are building, index information from blockchain, and pull information from other data sources. You can then put it in a datastore that is more in-line with your application and transform it to suit your project. This allows you to define your own schemas based on the data you want to index as well as choose the type of database you want to use, such as Mongo, SQL, SQLite, or other databases.

Indexing Service for Blockmarket

By re-using the Syscoin Indexing Service libraries on both Blockmarket Desktop and Blockmarket Web, we have improved the user experience drastically on both projects with a single code-base. The speed has increased and you are now able to add filters to searches based on title, alias, name, description, price, geo-location or other criteria across multiple data sources. By running the indexer for Blockmarket Web on distributed host servers we can guarantee 99% up-time and DDOS prevention for index-based searches.

Syscoin Indexer Service

Developer and Enterprise Resources

Blockchain Foundry, Inc. will be offering developer access to the Syscoin 3.0 suite of blockchain development tools for free for qualified projects upon request, and enterprise licensing for larger scale use-cases.

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