Blockchain Academy and HKUST Crypto-Fintech Lab | 2022 Buidlcamp

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2 min readSep 19, 2022

Web3 is booming and every industry is attaching importance to blockchain technology. It’s time to understand more about blockchain! Blockchain Academy and HKUST crypto-fintech lab are holding a Buidlcamp for everyone who is interested in the blockchain industry. Come to learn and practice Web3 knowledge!

What is Buidlcamp?

BuidlCamp is a Web3.0 education project that aims to educate learners with crypto knowledge and help them to build Web3.0!

The project will offer the learner a rich experience through a diversified process. There is a 8-week training session to equip students with professional Web3.0 knowledge, a 2-week darehack competition to create their own Dapps and a job fair to chase career opportunities!

During the Buidlcamp, participants are expected to learn from crypto experts in HKUST crypto-fintech lab and conceive own decentralized app to join the competition. There will be diversified topics for the App like DeFi, NFT, GameFi, Web3.0 infrastructure and so on. Participants will obtain guidance for the projects from veteran crypto creators.

We believe the rewards for the competition can help you move forward in blockchain industry! There will be an NFT certificate as proof of your work as long as finishing the whole camp. After the camp, you can also join the job fair, find a job in famous blockchain projects and get funds to start your own decentralized apps!

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What is Blockchain Academy?

Blockchain Academy, initiated by HKUST Crypto Fintech Lab, is a Web 3.0 educational platform aiming to educate users with Web 3.0 knowledge and skills. The mission of Blockchain Academy is “Learn to Acquire”. We are here to empower learners with essential knowledge to step into the Web 3.0 world.

The new technology is waiting for new blood to develop the industry. Join the Buidlcamp to travel in crypto world and create your own Web3 projects. Open your mind and the bigger world is waiting for you!

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Blockchain Academy⛓🎓

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