DATA Bi-weekly Report (1.24–2.7)

Technological Development

M3 Mobile Distributed Storage System

1. Alpha Simulation Network Test

The DATA team completed the tests on dozens of simulated network nodes, and in each test, the network nodes were stable. We have started the simulation test of large-scale nodes and are expecting to release the test reports next week.

Feature Improvements:

- Increased the decision and selection of the supernodes;

- Re-adjusted the market client and integrated the API v2 version;

- Added OneChannelLink (single channel connection, occupying a pair of UDP ports) to simplify the connection;

Bug Fix:

- Solved the problem of the Sqlite driver not being available on Android;

- Optimized the connection management problems caused by null pointers in getPeerLink;

- Optimized the repeated connections due to the asynchrony during the connection process, ensuring only one link between the points;

2. Android Development Progress

- Completed the upload and download module development

- Introduced the ROOM database and increased the upload and download history records;

- Added multi-node upload and download, allowing the free configuration of redundancy and block size within the scope;

- Display specific block information when uploading and downloading is successful;

- Fixed and improved the known bugs;

DATA Mainnet

Fixed bugs reported in user feedback and further optimized system stability. Solved the problem of memory overflow caused by multi-threaded concurrent push transactions to the main chain, and tested the speed of processing multiple transactions at the same time. The current wait time on the mainnet for the completion of a thousand transactions is around 8 minutes.

Community Building

Ecosystem Building

The First Eco-application Antube Test Activity Is Progressing Smoothly

In January 2019, the Android internal alpha version and the public beta version of Antube, an ecological project incubated by DATA and Kakao GroundX using the DATA SDK, were launched. As of the end of January, the cumulative number of test users reach ten thousands.

In order to create a better product experience for users, the Antube team collected feedback and bug reports from many community users through various channels, and extensively adopted the feedback in the latest iteration of the application. The team hosted another user experience activity from February 1st to February 7th.

Antube schematic

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