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DATA Bi-weekly Report (6.23–7.9)

Technological Development

1. M³ Mobile Distributed Storage System

M³ mobile distributed storage system Beta test meets our expectation. It enters productization stage. In order to optimize function and improve efficiency to integrate with partners, tech team optimizes part of M³ function, keeps the core part, and structures a lightweight version.

1.1 lightweight super nodes

  1. Combine the functions of previous super nodes and signaling servers;
  2. The super nodes support the storage layer and the management layer splitting, and no longer bear a large number of IO functions, and hand over the IO module to an external download service such as a CDN for file management;
  3. Optimize the access process of user nodes, which is more streamlined than the original access logic, and meets the characteristics of frequent disconnection and reconnection of mobile devices;
  4. Convert some of the proprietary protocol interfaces to HTTP interfaces allows the client nodes to lightweight communication while facilitating stress testing and performance optimization.

1.2 lightweight user nodes

  1. The user node only retains the most basic file download and file sharing functions;
  2. For the first commercialization scenario — short video classes metadata, the capability of the user nodes is weakened, thereby enabling greater concurrency;
  3. According to the Beta test results, the file download strategy based on the small file model is further optimized to improve the file download speed and stability.

1.3 New version of API integration test

  1. Update the new SDK based on the optimized iteration version.

Community Building

Ecosystem Building

Since the official beta in March 2019, Antube has exceeded 250,000 users worldwide, covering more than 200 countries and regions around the world. Through Antube, global users have shared a lot of interesting and cool short videos of various kinds, and they are liked and followed by the DATA community and the new and old users of Antube.

“Share short videos and connect to the wider world.” To reward high-quality video contributors, encourage users to share more exciting videos, and attract more users to join the Antube global ecosystem, from June 23 to July 9, 2019, Antube held the “Super Miner”, “Most Popular Video” and the “Most Popular Blogger” selection events. During the events, a large number of users watched ads actively to win awards, uploaded carefully selected videos to the Antube platform, recommended Antube to their friends. These activities led to the nearly ten thousand growth of new users, the increase of likes and followers for the entire platform, and so on, which promoted the healthy development of the Antube ecosystem.

Antube new version integrated with DATA’s core technology M³ distributed storage system, and opened P2P booster function to users, and continually update and optimize P2P function during Beta test. Compared to traditional short video companies who depend on centralized servers, Antube plans to let every mobile device become decentralized storage node through DATA’s M³ distributed storage technology, to encrypt data and distribute it in the mobile node. On one hand, it will decrease the bandwidth cost dramatically. On the other hand, users do not have to worry about their user data being occupied by the centralized server, ensuring the security and privacy of user data. In the future, this technology can be applied to all ecosystem partners, in the meanwhile, users can earn awards from sharing their mobile bandwidth and storage resources in Antube ecosystem.

Strategic Partnership

On July 9th, 2019, DATA officially established a comprehensive strategic partnership with the blockchain platform Klaytn from Kakao Ground X. At the same time, June 27th is also the official launch day of Klaytn’s mainnet. DATA will be one of Klaytn’s important partners, jointly building and expanding the ecosystem with Klaytn, and carrying out more in-depth cooperation in the global blockchain industry.

South Korea is the market with the highest user penetration and acceptance in the global blockchain industry, while Kakao has more than 50 million active users in Korea. DATA’s cooperation with the Kakao blockchain will help further expand and promote the strategic planning in the commercialization of DATA in the Korean and global markets. This cooperation will inject more users and potential partners for the DATA project to provide a better foundation and foundation for its ecological development. At the same time, the in-depth cooperation with Kakao’s Klaytn mainnet will help strengthen the brand value and influence of DATA in Korea and the world, and promote the development of DATA ecosystem.

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About DATA

DATA is a blockchain-based digital data authentication protocol powered by AI & P2P mobile storage infrastructure. DATA’s core technology stack and business model is similar to BAT(Basic Attention Token) and Filecoin (IPFS), but only focused on mobile industry.

Through blockchain technology, DATA is dedicated to solving the significant problems of inefficient cooperation, waste of ecosystem resources, and uneven value distribution caused by data fraud and lack of trust in the global digital ecosystem. DATA aims to address data traceability, incentives validation, and quality control issues through device-level data reputation assessment.

DATA’s vision is to build a Data Trust Alliance with key partners in the digital ecosystem to develop and operate a standard protocol for quality assessment of device-level data. At present, DATA has built strategic cooperation with many globally renowned companies in the industry such as Blue Focus, Kochava and Ground X.

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