A Crypto/Blockchain Interview with Morten Christensen of Airdrop Alert

Following Blockium and Airdrop Alert’s partnership, the CEO and Founder of Airdrop Alert, Morten Christensen, answers several questions regarding the crypto world, airdrops, Blockium, and the future of blockchain technology.

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What inspired you to found Airdrop Alert?

Morten Christensen: “Inspired” is a big word here — I like it. I have been a blockchain fan since 2013, explaining Bitcoin & Ethereum to anyone who would listen. And, honestly speaking, a few folks have found me overly persistent on several occasions.

When I found out about airdrops early 2017, I was traveling the world. While traveling, you constantly meet open-minded people who like exploring new possibilities as well as non-controversial lifestyles.

I talked to them about crypto. I told them, “Look, just create a wallet. Scan Reddit and the Bitcoin forums for airdrops and sign up for them. You will receive free tokens, and you can play around with them until you figure out how everything works. A worst-case scenario is that you lose the free tokens you’ve received.” This is how I got a lot of travelers and digital nomads into crypto during my trip around the world.

From my point of view, the people I talked to were mostly worried about the new technology. What if I lose my private keys? How do I set up a secure wallet? How do I transfer Bitcoin and how long does it take?

Explaining crypto to them with the concept of airdrops was easy. And because I had to do it multiple times, the idea of the aggregator for crypto airdrops grew out of this.

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How many ICOs have you helped expand?

MC: Let’s say, many. We have listed over 2500 airdrops since June 2017. And in the beginning, we were in close contact with most of the projects. We were advising them on how to manage their community, grow the airdrop space, create campaigns.

Simply put, we were offering our help to projects because we wanted to make sure the airdrop was a success.

Late 2017, we saw a huge surge of airdrops, and we invented the concept of Exclusive Airdrops.

We were already advising and promoting many airdrops, so why not host the entire campaign by ourselves? This way the ICO simply doesn’t have to do anything. We take over and make sure clients hit their targets and have good conversions.

Do you believe trading platforms/simulators such as Blockium are influential/beneficial to spreading knowledge about either cryptocurrency in general, or specific ICOs?

MC: Absolutely. I believe simulators can play a crucial part in influencing users in an educative way.

Platforms like Blockium and AirdropAlert.com attract novice crypto users and have to educate them to a level that they maneuver in the blockchain industry without the risk of losing wallets, funds or keys. If you’ve got users, you get the responsibility.

Especially, if we’re talking about beginners who use stimulators to learn how to trade. It’s our call to teach them.

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How can trading tournaments assist the world of cryptocurrency?

MC: I believe in gamification as a whole. Blockium is a playful way to learn how to trade, which I believe is essential if we want to bring crypto to the masses. Believe me, your uncle Ben does not want to go to an exchange to put a buy or sell order.

To get crypto to the masses, we need to educate them how everything works. Simplify it, create games and make it easily accessible. Blockium can play a very important role in building the new landscape.

What impact does crypto have in the modern world?

MC: Sadly enough, the current impact is very minimal. I believe we are in the early stages of exploring what this technology has to offer to us.

20 years ago, I had to help my father set up his Outlook email account. Do you think my father or a 12-years-old me could imagine millions of people playing candy crush on smartphones, more powerful tools than the first rocket to land on the Moon?

Technology will evolve exponentially, and the impact blockchain will have on the modern world goes far beyond my imagination.

What was the hardest challenge you faced building Airdrop Alert?

MC: Being a crypto startup, you run into a few things. For instance, finding the right talent to build a team is not easy. Who has experience in this young field?

But also, simple business operations, like opening a bank account, can be demanding.

We got refused by some big banks for being a “crypto company”, even though we do not have an ICO or token connected to our business. Just the word blockchain would get us a red flag.

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With the current complicated and diversified state of crypto, would you recommend people go straight to investing/trading, or instead practice on trading simulators? (Such as Blockium)

MC: I would advise everybody to “try before you buy”. You want to make a few mistakes, before you put money in. You can use trading platforms like Blockium to learn how to trade, and you can collect Airdrops with AirdropAlert.com to get some free tokens to play around with.

Do not put large sums of money at risk, without any experience.

What cryptocurrencies do you favor yourself?

MC: My top 3 favorite coins:

1) Bitcoin (sorry I’m a purist)

2) Ethereum

3) Stellar

My top 3 favorite Airdrops:

1) BRD

2) Byteball

3) Stellar

Do you believe that the market is currently oversaturated with overvalued ICOs?

MC: At the end of 2017, when my Aunty asked me “which ICO to invest in?”, I asked her “are you gambling, or investing?”

It was one of the signs that scared me: people do not research a project at all but invest purely on “tips” from others.

I think we are past that point already. We hit a new 12-month bitcoin low today, and at parties nobody is asking me which ICO to invest in or which coin they should buy. People are not refreshing their portfolio’s anymore, which is a good sign that the public is done with projects/ICO’s that don’t deliver a real product.

We also see the ICO market growing up. More established businesses are moving towards crypto, companies are working on compliance with regulators and bad ICO’s do not raise much money.

I hope this is the trend to continue, valuable projects raise money and immature projects don’t. That’s how it should be.

Morten Christensen and his team at Airdrop Alert

What is Airdrop Alert’s mission statement?

MC: When we started, our vision was to create a way for ICOs to get exposure and build a community by giving free coins to individuals. That hasn’t changed at all.

We work to establish a trend that other ICO’s will follow to create more opportunities for individuals to collect free airdrops.

We work to offer our users airdrops from quality projects.

What is Airdrop Alert’s plan to grow as a company?

MC: We help our users get introduced to the blockchain space, not by only offering airdrops. But by creating a complete suite of tools for users.

We write beginner guides & content for a user to educate himself on crypto. We implement tools like wallets, so a user is one click away from finding out exactly how many tokens they have in their wallet. And we recently released an airdrop dashboard, for a better airdrop experience.

Our plan is to keep improving our platform to facilitate the needs of our users.

How do you view Airdrop Alert’s current role in the crypto community?

MC: We play a vital role in the blockchain industry when it comes to building communities. Proof of community is important for any business, not only in the cryptosphere.

For our users we are the go-to spot for airdrops, and, hopefully, we can provide them with much more with the improvements I mentioned before.

We are continuing to grow as a platform for beginners. We will guide you through the technological maze called blockchain, in an easy way.

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Will Airdrop Alert expand into further roles in the crypto community?

MC: Like I said before, we never stop developing our platform as well as projects on top of it. We have invested time, effort and money in BountiesAlert.com & SignalAlert.io, our side projects.

While BountyAlert gives users the opportunity to track Bounties, which is another way of earning tokens, SignalAlert focuses on traders who are looking for Technical Analysis signals to trade on.

We have more projects coming up, which will help the users maneuver within crypto and help this industry forward.

What personal experiences have you had with cryptocurrency that affected Airdrop Alert’s inception or growth?

MC: Crypto changed my life. Period. When we started the website, I was surprised there was not a single website out there promoting airdrops. I love cryptocurrency, and getting free tokens was a utopia.

We can proudly say, that we helped the industry grow by starting AirdropAlert. Before us, there was not a central place to find airdrops. Which resulted in a handful of participants for these early airdrops.

Airdrops went from an underused technique to a key marketing strategy for crypto start-ups within one year.

We never expected this explosive growth with the concept of airdrops & our company. I have always been just a digital nomad, working for myself and on an online basis, without anyone to answer to. But now I’m running a company with 10+ people.