Airdrop 2.0, The Next Generation Of Airdrops

Nov 21, 2018 · 3 min read

Cryptocurrency Airdrops are a simple, yet brilliant way to spread ICOs to the crypto community. However, these events, while beneficial for many, are pretty dull events.

A token creator will either randomly drop their token to wallets, or cryptocurrency users will be given an incentive in order to receive tokens. These incentives range from liking posts, retweeting, sharing the project with new users, or any variety of low-effort online promoting.

This is all well and good; however, the world of cryptocurrency is all about innovation, and perhaps, there is a better way to conduct airdrops.

A more engaging, more rewarding method of airdrops is now available, and hopefully, will pave the way for the future of crypto airdrops.

Blockium, as Europe and Asia’s leading trading simulator, has devised a new method of airdropping. Integrating airdrop technology into their trading tournaments has created a way to gamify airdrops, allowing for a more streamlined and entertaining way to earn new crypto tokens.

Here’s how it works:

Once you have created a Blockium account, you can join any number of Blockium tournaments, ranging from crypto, forex or stocks.

Blockium will also sometimes offer a main Airdrop event: once you enter this tournament, if you are one of the better traders, you will win tokens as a prize. These tournaments last up to a week, allowing users to engage with their portfolios, and offer maximum exposure for the token on display. In this manner, Blockium has revolutionized airdrops.

Another advantage to this system is that tokens are given to those users with the highest performing portfolios; this way only users who are informed and active in the crypto or financial fields receive the tokens.

Blockium’s distinct airdrop system ensures that tokens offered through Blockium’s tournaments stay ahead of the competition, as only Blockium offers such an exclusive platform as it’s airdrop tournaments.

While Blockium offers this unique method of airdropping, allowing ICO’s to brand and share their tokens, the traditional method of airdropping is not forgotten: it is improved. Blockium’s app sends push notifications to users involved in airdrop tournaments, meaning the traditional networking of likes, retweets, etc. is not forgotten.

In summary, not only has Blockium redefined the Airdrop practice through their unique system, they have created a platform that expands exposure for ICO’s, while at the same time, benefits users through an engaging and rewarding tournament app.

If you are involved in an ICO and would like to launch and/or promote your token, feel free to contact Blockium at

By Luca Perr


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Blockium - the unique financial gamification platform, uniting stocks and crypto traders |

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