Blockium — How to play

Jul 22 · 2 min read

Step 1 — Create an Account

· This can be done with or without Facebook, Google, Twitter.

Step 2 — Deposit Bitcoin

· Click the deposit button on the top left corner of lobby screen.

· Input Blockium’s BTC address and send it over.

· Deposited BTC will be accredited to the account as soon as it enters the blockchain.

Step 3 — Enter a Competition

· Competitions are found on the main lobby. Assets will vary from stocks, crypto, and FX

· Verify at least entry fee (BTC) is found in personal Balance

Step 4 — Create a Portfolio

· Two options are given here, buy or sell an asset.

· Buy an asset if you believe it’s worth will increase.

· Sell an asset if you believe it’s worth will decrease.

Step 5 — Enjoy Competition

· Watch live and track your portfolio as it is ranked side by side in real time.

· During competition, the option “freeze portfolio” is given. The orange button will be in the top right. Clicking it will freeze the portfolio and it’s percentage points till the competition is over.

Step 6 — Contest Summary

· Best portfolio wins. Once competition ends, view results and peek at the competitors’ portfolio.

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Blockium - the unique financial gamification platform, uniting stocks and crypto traders |

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