Blockium 2 IEO´s Launch Details


Blockium, the unique financial gamification platform, has signed with the exchanges Bitforex and Coineal to launch an Initial Exchange Offering (IEO) on their platform, including the listing of Blockium (BOK) on the exchanges.

An IEO relies on having an exchange as the counter-party opposed to the individual buyer, providing a significant number of benefits in comparison to the traditional ICO.

As a relatively new phenomenon, an IEO allows for developers to benefit from the existing user base of an exchange. Thus, making it easier for people to take part in the crowdfunding process and providing a credible process that is easier and less tedious. Due to the legitimacy of exchanges, the possibility of scams is eliminated in the funding process giving investors peace of mind in a volatile market place.

There are certain advantages to using IEOs as compared to ICOs:

  • Developers can benefit from the existing user base of an exchange, thus making it easier for people to take part in the crowdfunding process.
  • When a project is introduced through an exchange, it gives higher credibility to the project and thus listing it on exchanges become easier and less tedious.
  • Scams can be eliminated in the funding process through an IEO as the chances of investors losing funds are lower.
  • When the exchange offers the coin to sell (IEO), investors can be guaranteed the listing of the coin, as opposed to the insecurity that comes with an ICO.

    Bitforex and Coineal are two top-ranked global crypto-currency exchanges in the market capital according to — providing advanced services for buying, selling and transferring digital assets. These platforms combined boast more than $ 2 billion market cap, vast global outreach, and bank level risk management, trading the likes of Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethereum.
Bitforex ranked 8th and Coineal ranked 11th — (5/5/19)

They show for these traits, displaying a consistently high success rate of IEOs in the past:

  • TOOL, an IEO on Coineal increased by 140% from the IEO price on the first day of trading.
  • UND, an IEO on Bitforex finished its IEO in 1:35 minutes
  • Xcon increased by 120% from the IEO price on the first day of trading
  • IZICHAIN, finished its IEO in 8 minutes
  • MYO, an IEO on Bitforex finished its IEO in 12 minutes


Initially sold at 0.000033/unit

Currently selling at 0.00012865/unit

400% growth


Initially sold at 0.000055/unit

Currently selling at 0.00015/unit

300% growth

The IEO will allow Blockium to transition to a real money platform in which users on any budget are able to execute their trading skills with minimal risk and maximum profits.

Blockium IEO price is set to be 0.023 USD. The first IEO will initially be launched on June 20th through Bitforex Exchange and the second IEO on the 24th of June through Coineal Exchange. On June 26th the BOK token will be listed on both exchanges, we look forward to your participation and appreciate your support!

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