Blockium Security Research added to Official Ethereum Website

Jul 17 · 2 min read

One of Blockium’s biggest priorities is information security. As a result, when Blockium decided to build their token on the ERC20 blockchain, they made sure to do thorough research on the Ethereum platform and the solidity. After doing this, Blockium’s CTO and chief developer, Guy Lando, formerly from an IDF top infosec unit, wrote up a collection of their findings in a 114 item list which covers everything from tricks to make your code function more efficiently to ways to limit the possibility of problematic bugs in your code.

After Guy Lando published this list on his own Github, Etheruem decided that his findings were valuable to the community as a whole, and as a result, established public links to his findings on both the official Etheureum website as well as the official website of Solidity, the official programming language of Ethereum smart contracts. You can see these links in the pictures below:

Ethereum Official Documentation Referencing Blockium Security Checklist
Solidity Smart Contracts Official Documentation Referencing Blockium Security Checklist


About Blockium

Blockium is a financial gamification platform that uses smart P2P blockchain technology to offer trading competitions on Crypto, stocks & FX. The application creates an innovative opportunity for traders to execute financial skills with friends and strangers, as well as make large daily profits. Learn more at Blockium Platform| Telegram | Discord


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Blockium - the unique financial gamification platform, uniting stocks and crypto traders |

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