Some updates about what Blockium is doing to increase users and demand:

1. We will introduce BOK in-app store inside Blockium where Blockium users use BOK to purchase various in-app items and abilities. This should increase demand for BOK.

2. We will introduce in-app voting page inside Blockium where voting is for listing new assets in Blockium or features voting. Voting for existing options and adding options will cost BOK. This gives BOK holder more influence on Blockium and increases demand for BOK.

3. We will introduce in-app referrals screen which will make it easier for Blockium users to manage their referrals and will increase Blockium referrals and volume which will increase BOK dividends and demand.

4. We are working to do more listings for BOK token to make it more spreaded and reachable to everyone. Including decentralized exchanges.

5. We work on different ways to spread information about BOK dividends model to increase demand for BOK.

6. We perform various optimizations and enhancements and challenges inside Blockium to increase trading volume which will increase BOK dividends and benefit BOK holder and increase demand for BOK.

7. We negotiate and look for various partnerships to increase demand and users and benefit BOK holders and demand.

8. We optimize and reorganize the various Blockium communication channels and groups to make them more active.

9. We work on opening new markets and spread Blockium in more countries and languages.

10. We are doing many more things as well and we work 24/7 for the Blockium app and BOK holder.

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