Blockium Version 1.0.47

Greeting User!

We are excited to announce some upgrades coming to the Blockium App. But first, as of today the Blockium App has passed API integration testing with OKEX, meaning the user shall have twice as many assets to customize their portfolio with. OKEX, “The most trusted digital exchange”, will put the Blockium App under the spotlight while simultaneously laying its foundation for success. Next, an overview of what you should expect from our update: improvements with bug fixes, performance/UX improvements and new features. Take a look at what we have in store for you —

To make your life a bit easier, we started by improving the native sso login for Facebook, Twitter, and Google to allow you to log in and signup with your social media accounts without entering a password. We believe the user should be able to access our platform on the go with ease and a relieved sense of security.

We care. That’s why we added an intercom system where the user can contact us directly without a middleman. So next time, feel free to ask us your questions because we want to help.

Feel secure, because all app dependencies are now on the most up to date and secure versions. SO! new app version is waiting for you on the Google play store and Apple App Store with many improvements and fixes

Thanks for being awesome and keep expecting the best because that’s what we do here at Blockium.

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